Tourists use the spring pool as a blessing pool tossing coins and the phenomenon still exists in 3 years, salvaged more than 60,000 yuan

  Baotu Spring Scenic Area: "Blessing Coins" are all turned over to finances

  Recently, a video of a tourist in Baotu Spring Park in Jinan City, Shandong Province carrying a self-made tool to fish for coins in the spring has attracted widespread attention.

On February 24, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the staff of the First Spring Scenic Spot in Jinan that the scenic spot had notified the public security organs of the area of ​​the tourists' self-made tools to salvage coins.

The staff told reporters that tourists are not allowed to drop coins into the water at will in the scenic area, but there will still be tourists who "pray for good luck". The scenic area has cleaned up and salvaged coins 29 times in the past 3 years, with more than 60,000 yuan, and the salvage time is irregular. Handed over to finance, then the scenic area will strengthen supervision and guidance to actively rectify.

  According to the staff of the scenic spot, the video of tourists salvaging coins in the spring pool circulating on the Internet was filmed at around 5 pm on February 19 at Banqiao Spring in Baotu Spring Park.

The video shows that a tourist used a self-made tool to scoop coins in the spring pond and then left Banqiaoquan with the coins he picked up.

On February 20, 2021, the staff of Baotu Spring Scenic Area notified the public security organs of the district of tourists' self-made tools to salvage coins.

The staff of the Baotuquan police station in Lixia District of Jinan said that the old man did not earn a lot of cash, and he would criticize and educate him after finding the old man based on the video, and then proceed to the next step according to the amount of coins collected.

  The staff of the world’s first spring scenic spot said that in order to protect the spring water, Jinan City implemented the "Jinan Famous Spring Management Regulations" in 2005. The regulations stipulate that tourists in the scenic spot are prohibited from throwing various objects into the spring pool. Coins are soaked in the spring water for a long time. In China, it will also pollute the quality of spring water. Although the park is equipped with reminders and staff will patrol and persuade, tourists still use the spring pool as a blessing pool, and the phenomenon of coin flipping still exists, which is difficult to prevent.

  A reporter from the Beiqing Daily learned that Baotu Spring Park has 41 open spring pools, and the behavior of tourists tossing coins is mainly concentrated in Shuyu Spring and Banqiao Spring.

The staff said that the scenic area is not in place in the daily patrol supervision and the publicity work of prohibiting tourists from throwing objects in the spring. The next step will be to actively carry out rectification, increase security personnel, and conduct a comprehensive monitoring of the park situation through the monitoring large screen , Will also actively promote tourists through the broadcast of the park, and guide tourists to visit the park in a civilized manner.

  Regarding the coins that have been thrown into the spring pool, the staff said that they will complete the cleanup as soon as possible, salvage and clean them in accordance with relevant regulations, and submit them to the financial department in a unified manner. The work is still in the process of co-ordination. Second, there were more than 60,000 yuan, and the salvage time was irregular, and all were turned over to the finance."

  Text/Reporter Fu Yao, intern Huo Ziwei

  Coordinator/Chi Haibo

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