[Explanation] In order to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the preparations for the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou Chongli District has added targeted epidemic detection, isolation and emergency response facilities in the core area of ​​the Winter Olympics.

A few days ago, 4 rapid nucleic acid testing laboratories in shelters were officially put into use.

At the Putrajaya High-speed Railway Station, one hour after the rapid nucleic acid test laboratory takes samples in the shelter, the inspected personnel can receive the test results via their mobile phones.

  [Explanation] In addition to the shelter quick inspection laboratory at the Putrajaya High-speed Railway Station, there are also two nucleic acid quick inspection points at the Zhuanzhilian Checkpoint and the Jingli Expressway Chongli Expressway Service Area in the core area of ​​the Winter Olympics. The rapid nucleic acid test laboratory of the three prescription cabins has formed a closed-loop prevention and control network to strictly guard the "entry gate" of epidemic prevention and control in the core area of ​​the Winter Olympics.

  [Concurrent] Wei Zhankuan, Deputy Director of Health and Health Bureau of Chongli District, Zhangjiakou

  We have implemented due inspections for key groups and voluntary inspections for other groups. Basically, we have achieved proactive, fast, and precise control, which has provided effective guarantees for the preparation of various events and the safe conduct of the Winter Olympics.

  [Explanation] In addition to the three fixed detection points, the core area of ​​Chongli District Prince City is also equipped with a mobile nucleic acid quick check cabin that can be stopped and checked, which can meet the requirements of stadiums, stations, emergency scenes, etc. The demand for on-site inspection in places with a large flow of people is to achieve immediate inspection upon arrival.

  [Concurrent] Guo Jianqiang, Deputy Director, International Cooperation Center, Productivity Promotion Center, Ministry of Science and Technology 

  Our shelter, from sampling to testing to the results, including the final treatment of medical waste, is strictly operated in accordance with a set of SOP procedures. In addition, we have also made full preparations for the subsequent guarantees. From the guarantee of the technicians, the guarantee of reagents, the guarantee of consumables, and the maintenance during his entire operation, we are fully prepared.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the 4 rapid nucleic acid test laboratories in the four shelters are operating normally, which can achieve 5472 single-day rapid test samples and 54720 single-day mixed rapid test samples, which can not only meet the normalized epidemic prevention and control testing Demands can also fully meet the nucleic acid testing needs during the Winter Olympics.

  Yang Zhifang, Xiao Gang reporting from Zhangjiakou, Hebei

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]