Broadcaster Ham So-won was overwhelmed by the breakup with her husband's evolution.

On the 24th, Sports Chosun reported, "I know that the relationship between Ham So-won and evolution is rapidly deteriorating, and that they chose to break up."

In addition, after the decision to break up, Evolution is preparing to leave the country, and TV Chosun'Taste of Wife', which was appearing together, said that the broadcast on the 23rd was the last.

Ham So-won and Jin-jin gained a lot of attention after getting married after overcoming the age difference and nationality of 18 years old in 2018.

The two have appeared on TV Chosun'The Taste of Wife' and have revealed their marriage and parenting life.

As they are a couple who have received great interest, public interest poured out just with the breakup.

Among them, Sowon Ham uploaded a photo of an article about the breakup on his SNS and wrote "Silence. I don't want to say anything today."

The'wife's taste' side also spared comments about the relationship between the two and whether they got off or not, saying, "(breakup) is a private life, and I haven't heard about getting off the program. 

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)