The chef, who regaled Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, leaves his kitchen to become the personal representative of the President of the Republic in terms of gastronomy and food.

Attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he will be responsible in particular for promoting French cuisine internationally. 

Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron.

These four Presidents of the Republic had the chance to taste Guillaume Gomez's cuisine.

The head of the heads of state leaves the kitchen of the Elysée after 25 years of good and loyal service.

Far from the stoves, but not from institutions, the chef will become the first French ambassador of gastronomy.

Guillaume Gomez will henceforth be the personal representative of the President of the Republic to the actors and networks of gastronomy and food, in order to promote the culinary arts of France.

If the new title of the chef with the blue white red collar does not fit on a business card, his mission is nonetheless simple: to promote French gastronomy damaged by the health crisis, to restore its attractiveness.

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A cook at the bedside of restaurateurs 

It is therefore a role of representation but also of advice.

Guillaume Gomez knows everyone in the industry: chefs, farmers, artisans.

Since the first closure of restaurants at the start of the health crisis, he has gone from cook to mediator, a kind of relay between the profession and Emmanuel Macron whom he has the confidence of.

The rugby player, charismatic and talkative, will also be able to rely on his strong media exposure since he is very present on social networks, in the charitable sector, and has published several books, including the last,

À la table of presidents

, reveals some recipes from "the first House of France".

"Cooking is not a matter of elitism, or of price. We make very good dishes with leeks and tomatoes when it's in season," he explained in an interview with the 'AFP in 2018. By insisting on the need to "re-educate some of the children to eat better".


Three anecdotes on Presidents' meals, told by chef Guillaume Gomez

It is from an office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he will fulfill his new functions, far from his stoves in the basements of the Elysée Palace.

His two assistants, in office for 20 years, will take over pending the appointment of his successor.