China News Service, Zhengzhou, February 24 (Li Mingming) On the 24th, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province ushered in a cold wave, and the temperature dropped from 27°C to 1°C.

And just a few days ago, Zhengzhou, which looked like "early summer", made the people appreciate the "three seasons" in just one week.

On February 24, in response to the sudden cold weather, the people were wrapped tightly.

Photo by Li Mingming

  According to data from the Henan Meteorological Bureau, on February 21st, 92 regions in Henan Province experienced the warmest day since February. The temperature in Zhengzhou city reached 27℃. The citizens took off their thick down jackets and put on them. Thin shirts, some even ate ice cream.

On February 24, people on the street with their arms folded to keep warm.

Photo by Li Mingming

  However, people have not yet enjoyed the comfort of early summer, and the weather in Zhengzhou has suddenly cooled down, as if it is back to winter.

  According to data from the Henan Meteorological Department, affected by the cold air, the province has experienced cliff-like cooling from the 22nd. On the 24th, there was light rain in the west and north, and sleet in the mountains; moderate rain in other areas, heavy rain in the local area, On the 25th, the maximum temperature drop in most areas was 18-21℃.

People eating ice cream on the streets of Zhengzhou on February 21.

Photo by Li Mingming

  On February 24, the lowest temperature in Zhengzhou was only 1℃.

From wearing padded jackets to short sleeves to wearing padded jackets, Zhengzhou has experienced the "three seasons" in a week.

Some netizens joked that the city of Zhengzhou is as "changeable" as an angry little girl.

On February 21, children playing in a park in Zhengzhou.

Photo by Li Mingming

  Warm first and then cool, so I couldn't prevent it.

While waiting for the traffic lights, Ms. Huang, a resident of Zhengzhou City, has been pacing back and forth, "I said two days ago that I was stepping on the floor to warm the floor and turning on the cold wind. Now I should wear a cotton jacket and short sleeves."

  As the saying goes, in February and August, dress randomly.

In the temperature change, the most "easy" dress for Zhengzhou citizens and netizens is a padded jacket with short sleeves or single clothes.