On February 24th, Beijing, Researcher Liu Jun from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a new species of Turpanian fossil "Jiufeng Turpan" in the Daqingshan fauna of Inner Mongolia, about 255 million to 252 million. In 2015, this is also the first genus of bidentate that was found 250 million years ago in both tropical and temperate zones.

  Liu Jun introduced that Daqingshan is the Yinshan "Chilechuan, under Yinshan". The latest research in the Daqingshan fauna is the most common type of bidentate fossils in the Permian Naobaogou Formation. The new discoveries include 1 Five individuals, including a nearly complete bidentate skeleton, were classified into the Turpan genus and named a new species "Nine Peak Turpan".

  Turpan beasts are large bidentate beasts, the individual can reach more than 2 meters, the size is equivalent to the current hippopotamus, and the largest skull length is currently known to exceed 60 cm.

The newly discovered and named new species "Jiufeng Turpan" has some major differences compared with the Bogda species previously discovered in Xinjiang.

  Liu Jun pointed out that among the Permian tetrapods, Turpan is the only species that has been confirmed to be distributed in both Xinjiang and North China. Previously, there was no bidentate that was distributed in both tropical and temperate regions 250 million years ago. Genus, and Turpan beast is the first.

(Reporter Sun Zifa produced Wu Rui)

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