A bus crashed into a bridge in Daqing, Heilongjiang, causing 2 deaths and 7 injuries

  At about 14:00 on February 24, a traffic accident occurred on a bridge across the Longfeng Wetland in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. A passenger car crashed into the bridge guardrail and fell under the bridge. The accident caused 2 deaths and 7 injuries.

  After the accident, the Traffic Police Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Daqing City issued a police report: At about 14:12 on February 24, 2021, the black PW66XX small off-road passenger vehicle (approved with 7 people, the actual carrying 4 people) and the black AH84XX large ordinary When a passenger car (with a nuclear load of 51 people and a real load of 9 people) passed the G10 Suiman Expressway Daqing Wetland Overpass, a traffic accident occurred and a large ordinary passenger car crashed into the bridge.

After the accident, the relevant departments rushed to the scene immediately.

  It is understood that the guardrail on the wetland bridge was damaged, the front body of the passenger car under the bridge was seriously damaged, and the windshield was broken.

Several ambulances rushed to the scene to rescue.

After the accident, staff from the traffic police and emergency departments of Daqing City rushed to the scene for rescue as soon as possible.

  At present, the accident caused the death of the driver and one passenger of a large ordinary passenger car, and 7 passengers were injured. They are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The specific cause of the accident is under investigation.

  (CCTV reporter Guo Xiaoguang Liu Yuhan CCTV reporter Qiao Renhui)