Tarik Z., the man who broke into the

NOS Journaal

studio in 2015

, warned in a video on Instagram about the NOS and the public broadcaster.

The video in which Z. says that he has come back to "warn" everyone about the NOS and the public broadcaster - "I am Tarik Z. and you are still being fooled. And that is why I am back" - is not punishable.

That says a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service Wednesday morning.

"In our opinion, no criminal offenses are committed in this way."

The NOS contacted the police on Tuesday about the video shared by Z.

Z. entered the

NOS Journaal

studio on January 29, 2015 armed with a gas pistol

to demand airtime.

He was overpowered shortly after his action.

He was sentenced to 40 months in prison, 24 of which were suspended.