Regarding the vaccination of the new corona virus, Kono, the minister in charge of regulatory reform, said at a meeting with three local organizations that vaccination of the elderly will be promoted in stages from April, while in local governments with a small population, etc. He said that he would like to consider starting vaccination all at once, including those other than the elderly.

Minister Kono, who is in charge of vaccination, held an online meeting with the chairpersons of three local organizations such as the National Governors' Association on the 23rd.

In this, Minister Kono reiterated his desire to clarify the future schedule this week, and said, "It may be a form that will slowly stand up" regarding the inoculation of elderly people who want to start in April. We have to go through step-by-step verification and do it on a realistic schedule. We want to start step by step. "

And, he said that he would like to avoid the situation where the person who made the reservation cannot inoculate due to the lack of vaccine supply. "If the supply amount from Pfizer becomes full-scale, we will have inventory in the country etc. so that we can cover even if the supply is delayed. ".

On the other hand, Minister Kono said, "We request that all islanders start the remote islands with a population of 1000 or less. Even in mountainous areas and remote islands where the number of elderly people is less than 500, the local government will decide to inoculate them all at once. I want you to consider it. "

In addition, regarding a new system that can grasp the inoculation status on an individual basis, we will hold a briefing session for local governments next month, and we will have tablet terminals nationwide that read the information of the "inoculation ticket" used when registering in the system. I showed the idea of ​​distributing it to the inoculation site.

On the other hand, the three local organizations requested that the supply schedule be promptly shown and information on side reactions be shared so as not to burden the site.