Ukraine did not fulfill the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, Volodymyr Zelenskyy admitted.

The mission of the fund, which was in Kiev for a month, came to conclusions extremely unfavorable for the Ukrainian leadership.

Josta Lyngman, IMF Country Manager for Ukraine, said: “The discussion was productive, but more progress is needed in favor of completing the first revision of the program.

The discussions will continue. "

These complex words mean a very simple thing: no credit will be allocated.

According to Lyngman, the disagreements in the positions of the parties concerned “strengthening the management of the National Bank, improving the legislative and regulatory framework for banking supervision and financial recovery, measures aimed at reducing the fiscal deficit, legislative initiatives to restore and strengthen anti-corruption infrastructure and legal proceedings, as well as measures in the field energy ".

This deeply encrypted claim translates quite simply: "You won't get shit."

They demanded a number of significant concessions from the Ukrainian authorities in the field of economy and state sovereignty in exchange for a tranche of a loan in the amount of $ 700 million. We are talking about the refusal of state regulation of the gas tariff, which is valid until April 1, the same with electricity tariffs.

The latter, by the way, is of fundamental importance for the EU, since in the long term, Ukraine should become an importer of electricity from Europe.

That is why Western curators insist on transferring the energy system of Ukraine to the so-called green schedule, that is, to production using environmentally friendly sources such as wind turbines.

The gradual decommissioning of nuclear power plants will drive up prices to European (or even higher) levels, which will inevitably force Ukraine to become an energy recipient of Europe.

Actually, from April 1, the tariff will jump for a household consumer from 1.68 to more than three hryvnia per kilowatt-hour.

The industrial sector has long lived by these standards.

The tax deficit and the colossal part of the economy that is in the shadows (alcohol, fuel, crop production, imports, etc.) are of little concern to the IMF.

The budget shortfall does not in any way affect the servicing of Ukraine's debt to the fund: here Kiev is in line.

The West needs complete control over the Ukrainian justice system.

It will be ensured after the adoption of the law "On the High Council of Justice", which Zelensky said.

In addition, the National Bank is of interest, although it would seem that everything has been seized there a long time ago.

And the so-called anti-corruption agencies, which do not fight corruption, but are parallel authorities built by the West into the management system of Ukraine.

In 2021, Ukraine must repay almost $ 1.7 billion of debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This is $ 300 million less than the borrowed funds that she can receive from the fund.

That is, the tranche is not only completely spent on servicing the debt, but additional funds are needed to pay off the obligations.

According to the schedule, in 2022 Ukraine must pay the IMF another $ 2.4 billion. On January 4, the former Minister of Economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov said that the country in 2021 will have to give a significant part of its income to service external debts.

In his opinion, the state "is moving step by step towards default."

Which does not cause the slightest doubt.

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