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Shock wave on the music planet.

Daft Punk, the most famous French electro duo in the world, announced on Monday their separation with an enigmatic video,


, posted on social networks.

The video of just over 8 minutes shows the two members, under their traditional robot masks, advancing in a desert.

"They have always cultivated a taste for paradox, and when the whole world keeps its mask, they take it off", commented Jean-Michel Jarre, pioneer of the electro planet, praising their "unique sound" and this "extremely elegant way. to say goodbye to their audience ”.

"Thank you Daft Punk for igniting the tracks"

The announcement of the separation of the electro duo has put Twitter into turmoil, generating an average of 32 tweets per second, according to the firm Visibrain.

Chris [formerly Christine and the Queens] posted on this social network: “Eternally Grateful”.

The more unexpected tribute comes from the Ministry of the Armed Forces in France, retweeted a medley of Daft Punk played by a military band during the official ceremonies of July 14, 2017. "Even separated, the Daft Punk will remain in the heart of the Ministry of the Armed Forces", he wrote in the caption.

If a career can end, a vocation, it endures forever 🤖🧑‍🚒

Thank you Daft Punk for


the dance floors and remember to return our helmets 😉 pic.twitter.com/TLligW7CMI

- @PompiersParis (@PompiersParis) February 22, 2021

For their part, the Paris firefighters also reacted: "If a career can be extinguished, a vocation, it endures forever.

Thank you Daft Punk for setting the dance floors on fire and remember to return our helmets.



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