[Explanation] A sharp carving knife and a small egg danced back and forth with a pair of dexterous hands, and a swift EMU was displayed vividly on the eggshell.

Yang Liuqing, who is "painting" on eggshells, skillfully combines occupation and hobby.

  The 41-year-old Yang Liuqing entered the railway system after retiring from the army in 2004 and became a train driver, worthy of freight transportation.

By chance, he came into contact with egg carvings, and at first he just thought it was amazing that he was able to carve patterns on eggshells.

Yang Liuqing, who was born to challenge, bought eggs for carving. After several attempts, he failed to grasp the essentials. Yang Liuqing began to teach himself carving skills on the Internet and gradually mastered the carving techniques. This persistence lasted more than ten years. During the period, Yang Liuqing also started as a freight forwarder. The driver grew up to be an EMU driver.

  [Concurrent] EMU driver Yang Liuqing

  When choosing an egg, choose an egg with a darker color, a thicker leather, and a relatively smooth surface, and then create a draft (pattern) on it, and then engrave it. During the engraving process, you must master the lines and the strength. Are very important.

Maybe your strength is not well mastered, an egg shell will be carved out (broken), and such a work will fail.

When you have finished carving, extract the egg liquid inside, and then perform antiseptic treatment, and then mount it, so that a complete work can be presented in front of you.

  [Explanation] Because Yang Liuqing trains well and has been rated as the star of the smooth operation of the workshop many times, Yang Liuqing felt that on the one hand, he benefited from his slow temper, and on the other hand, his hobby of carving eggs. Can be very accurate.

At the same time, as a high-speed rail driver, with high work intensity and pressure, Yang Liuqing's most effective way to relieve her stress is egg carving. Every time she carves, she can calm down and pursue the ultimate goal in her heart.

  The reporter saw in Yang Liuqing's home that the mighty steam locomotives, the electric locomotives with electric motors, and the "flying" EMUs on the ground were all vividly displayed on the eggshells by Yang Liuqing.

In addition to trains, Yang Liuqing's good hopes for life are also carved on eggshells, using fine craftsmanship to sculpt his artistic life.

  [Concurrent] EMU driver Yang Liuqing

  Most of the subjects (egg carvings) I created are electric locomotives and EMUs, as well as the current Fuxing EMU.

I am very passionate about work. I need to be careful and meticulous in my work. The same goes for egg carvings.

So I am a very rigorous person in life, and (at the same time) egg sculptures have brought me great happiness.

  [Explanation] Over the past ten years, Yang Liuqing has created many excellent egg carving works, most of which were presented to relatives and friends.

Yang Liuqing said that seeing everyone's love for the work is a recognition and encouragement.

The next step will be to carve out all domestic train models one by one to witness the history of Chinese train development.

  Reporter Mei Yilong reports from Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]