China News Service, Changsha, February 23 (Wang Haohao) The "woman's car XX renting a cargo and dragging the car to jump off the body" that occurred in Changsha, Hunan has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life in the past few days.

The Changsha police recently revealed on the 23rd that the driver Zhou Mouchun involved was criminally detained by the public security organs on suspicion of negligence causing death.

  According to the family of Che Moumou, on the evening of February 6, 23-year-old Che Moumou moved through a cargo pull network and was taken to the hospital after jumping off the car while moving with the car. He died on February 10 after the treatment failed.

  According to the police report, the driver involved is a male, 38 years old this year, from Yuelu District, Changsha City.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

  On the 21st, Huolala issued an official statement stating that a special processing team was set up afterwards to cooperate with the police to provide all the necessary order information; the first time to discuss the aftermath with the family did not reach an agreement, and is actively discussing the time for the aftermath with the family.

  In an interview with the media, the family of Che Moumou questioned the protection of users by the Huolala platform, and at the same time questioned the driver's multiple divergence routes on the night of the incident.

  Lian Guangyang, deputy secretary-general of the Civil and Commercial Law Research Association of Hunan Law Society and associate professor of Xiangtan University Law School, said in an interview that Huo Lala has to bear whether it is from the "Civil Code" contract or tort liability. Corresponding civil liability.

If the driver’s fault led to the death of Che Mo-and-so, then Huolala’s qualification review of truck drivers would not be in place.

  Lian Guangyang suggested that online car-hailing platforms should strengthen the review of drivers' driving experience, criminal records, traffic accidents and other backgrounds, and strictly control the standards for drivers to enter the online car-hailing service industry.

Although there is no law forcing the installation of audio and video equipment, in order to better avoid risks, online car-hailing platforms can take certain safety guarantees and preventive measures to strengthen travel tracking and supervision.

  It is understood that Huolala was founded in 2013 and is an Internet logistics mall engaged in intra-city and cross-city freight, corporate logistics services, moving, LTL, car rental and aftermarket services.