About fifteen faces, appearing on the fresco of the fly slaughterhouses of the Tony Garnier museum in Lyon, were covered with black.


Catherine Chambon

  • For a month, the Tony Garnier Urban Museum has launched the restoration of seven of its 25 frescoes, targeted by tags.

  • The last degradation dates back to last week: the faces of about fifteen characters, appearing on the wall of the “fly slaughterhouses”, were covered with black.

  • The school fears that this situation will continue in the absence of guided tours, which have an essential educational scope.

The latest degradations are "singular".

So much so that the teams in charge of the Tony Garnier urban museum in Lyon [open-air museum of 25 painted walls] had never seen this since its creation in 1989. At the end of last week, the faces of a About fifteen characters, appearing on the fresco of the “fly slaughterhouses”, were sprayed with black paint.

As if we were trying to make them disappear.

“This was done very carefully since no line overflows the faces,” observes Catherine Chambon, the director of the museum who prefers not to risk any interpretation.

On the other hand, she says she is concerned.

"This is the seventh wall that I am launching in restoration", she explains, specifying that "for three to four weeks", the tags or other degradations multiply on the frescoes classified as heritage.

Which is not without consequences.

An annual budget of 9,500 euros for the restoration of the walls

The structure has an annual budget of 9,500 euros to restore its walls.

She makes the advance and the city of Lyon reimburses her secondly.

“At this rate, we're not going to go far.

There is a risk that we will no longer have a budget in a few weeks, ”worries Catherine Chambon, who has not yet assessed the amount of damage observed on the fresco of the slaughterhouses.

“We tried to detach the black but it's not as miraculous as that.

The tests were inconclusive.

We will therefore have to take all the faces carefully.

In this case, the work promises to be titanic.

It's like painting on the easel.

It will take the details, the expressions of each damaged face.

It will also be necessary to find the models and the original models because this fresco is more than 20 years old ”, details the director, anxious to bring back the public quickly in the district of the United States (8th).

"Tourist attendance poses prohibitions"

“The museum receives thousands of tourists every year.

For a year, attendance has been zero.

We can no longer organize visits in public spaces, for more than five people.

Unfortunately, social moderation no longer exists ”, underlines Catherine Chambon.

“I don't think painted walls are specifically targeted, just people no longer distinguish between classic building walls and heritage murals,” she says.

The organized tours have an educational scope.

Tourist attendance poses prohibitions.

But since there has been nothing for a year, many now think that anything goes.

And it is for this reason that it deteriorates ”.

The establishment intends to seek the assistance of the municipality to try to remedy the situation.



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