[Explanation] 5 o'clock in the afternoon, it is the rush hour.

Outside the exit D of West Bus Station of Hefei Metro Line 2 in Anhui Province, there is a yellow dining car with the words "Silent Xiatang sesame cakes" parked. Customers come to buy sesame cakes.

In the dining car, Zheng Zhangqin skillfully rounded the dough on his hand and stuck it into the furnace wall.

Outside the dining car, his wife Xiang Yanfei carefully packed the biscuits and delivered them to the customers.

From the choice of taste to paying for the bill, all gestures were used, without verbal communication.

Behind the "silent" biscuits is the couple's endless love for their children.

  [Commentary] Zheng Zhangqin and Xiang Yanfei are a deaf-mute couple. In 2016, the eldest son Zheng Weiwei, who is less than three years old, was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

In order to treat the child, the couple sold their house and car and owed foreign debts.

In order to take care of the sick child, the couple gave up going out.

In 2019, Zheng Zhangqin went to Xiatang Town, Changfeng County, Hefei to learn how to make sesame cakes and started a biscuits dining car on the recommendation of a friend.

Zheng Zhangqin and his wife worked very hard. They got up at 5 in the morning and went to bed at 11 or 12 at night, rain or shine.

Zheng Zhangqin's arm was often burned by the fire, but he always insisted.

  [Concurrent] Zheng Zhangqin's mother Zhang Enfang

  I also went to Xiatang. It was okay if I went to their master. He also praised my son for his smartness. He said that he can talk, he can hear and he can talk. He said he would study for a month or two without you. This son is fast. Your son learned in half a month and does things so fast.

Anyway, my son usually says that he can endure hardships. He gets up every morning and cooks breakfast. The grandson does everything and boiled water. It doesn’t turn on early. If it’s not on that day, he will leave. He will get that. .

  [Explanation] The children's hard work, parents see it in their eyes and feel pain in their hearts.

In order to reduce the burden of life on the husband and wife, usually, both parents take turns to take care of their two grandchildren.

Came to Zheng Zhangqin's home in Hefei High-tech Zone. In a house less than 40 square meters, a sofa and a bed occupied most of the space.

Now, the eldest son Zheng Weiwei is in the first grade of elementary school, and the younger son is also four years old. The two children grow up healthy and happy, which is the biggest wish of Zheng Zhangqin's family.

  [Concurrent] Zheng Zhangqin's mother Zhang Enfang

  I'm not going to expand these two grandsons, but I will only dream about it.

Sometimes I encourage them. I told them that we old people give him our best effort to bring up the two children, or to feed them.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the subway entrance of West Bus Station at the intersection of Changjiang West Road and Chuangxin Avenue in Hefei is an area where stalls are prohibited.

After learning about the situation of Zheng Zhangqin's family, the Shulu Squadron of the Urban Management Law Enforcement Brigade of the High-tech Zone in Hefei City specially designated a booth at the subway entrance so that the Zheng Zhangqin and his wife could sell biscuits at ease.

"Heart-warming" law enforcement protects the "silent" love.

  [Concurrent] Gao Le, Deputy Squadron Leader of Shulu Squadron, Urban Management, High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui Province

  Because the early Dabao treatment also spent a lot of their savings, the family is quite difficult.

Then we also consider the deaf and mute, right, some other means of making a living in society may not be suitable for them, and he himself sells Xiantang sesame seeds and has a craft.

Then we want to use our help to see if it can play a better role in his family. We can’t let God close his doors and windows. We need to see if we can open him. A window gave him more confidence and hope in life.

  [Explanation] At present, the eldest son Zheng Future’s condition has been basically stable, but it is still in a critical period of observation. The husband and wife are operating a biscuits stall while subsidizing the family while working hard to pay off their debts.

Zheng Zhangqin and his wife believe that as long as they work hard, their lives will be better.

The story of deaf-mute couples suffering from disabilities but persisting in creating lives with their hard-working hands touched many people. Many citizens admired love. The business of the biscuits stall is getting better and better with the help of all parties.

  [Concurrent] Hefei Citizen Shi Tianci

  In order to save their children’s disease, even though they are deaf and mute, they have speech and hearing impairment, but they still have a spirit of not giving up. I also want to appeal to our citizens in Hefei, hoping to give assistance to those who are able, and do everything possible. A little bit of my own meager power to help this family.

  Reporter Zhang Jun and Chu Weiwei from Hefei, Anhui

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]