Dr. Tao Yong replied to five middle school students in Beijing   ,

   reviewing the mental journey of getting out of the medical incident, saying that life must be thoroughly read "Laugh and Forget Books" and "Professional Books"

  Recently, Dr. Tao Yong from the Department of Ophthalmology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, who suffered a left hand fracture, a head injury, and was nearly killed in a violent medical incident at the beginning of last year, received a letter from five high school students from Beijing No. 4 Middle School.

Five students in the first grade of Beijing No. 4 Middle School asked him how to determine their goals in life, and they have been determined to go forward.

Among them, some students who want to study medicine said that in the face of frequent social traumatic incidents, netizens complaining about "difficulties in studying medicine, tired of studying medicine", and parents' opposition, they are also very confused and don't know why. Persevere or give up.

  Dr. Tao Yong replied with warmth and determination, and frankly stated on Weibo that he "turned the past into nutrition".

In the letter, he told his classmates how he became an idealistic doctor in a big city from a "small town".

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily noticed that after the correspondence between Dr. Tao Yong and the students was published on the "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" public account, the number of hits has exceeded 10,000, and many netizens left comments.

  Read through "Laugh and Forget Books" and "Professional Books"

  In the letter, Tao Yong recounted how he got out of the traumatic medical incident a year ago, "I am not afraid to travel all over the world. I rely on these two books, "Laughing and Forgetting Books" and "Professional Books"."

  For "Laughing and Forgetting Books", he cited the experience of Professor Yan Renying, the mother of Chinese perinatal medicine: As an expert in obstetrics and gynecology of Union Hospital, she used to clean the toilet for ten years; as the dean of Peking University Hospital She went to the wilderness to investigate the causes of death of pregnant women in rural areas, and finally formulated and promoted perinatal medicine, which greatly reduced the mortality of pregnant women.

In the face of suffering, Professor Yan said eight words, "Can eat and sleep, heartless."

  He cited his own example for the "professional book": "I am a doctor, and every day I come into contact with people who are born, old, sick, and die, or are physically disabled and suffering, or mentally anxious and upset, all negative and shadowy." He said in the letter: "Often bright flowers bloom in the mud, so I also see many people who are impoverished, but still persist in working and do not give up treatment; I also see many people who know they are terminally ill, but still People who have dreams and keep forging ahead; I also see many people who are isolated, misunderstood, hurt, bruised and bruised but still have no hatred and laugh at life.” On Weibo, some netizens commented and said The two books "Laugh and Forget Books" and "Professional Books" should be collected.

  Daily work becomes a source of spiritual strength

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found in the letters of five students, Chen Nanyu, Sun Zongyi, Wang Xueqing, Zhang Dingfeng, and Zhang Xiaoyi in the 6th class of Beijing No. 4 Middle School, that the students were confused about the ideal of "becoming a doctor" and wrote to ask for advice.

"After seeing many reports on medical incidents and complaints about the'difficulties in studying medicine, and the exhaustion of studying medicine' on the Internet, parents are opposed to our desire to study medicine. We are also very confused about this, and we don't know whether we should stick to it or not. Give up. We want to seek your answer to this question. Should we give up this pursuit or persuade our parents to support our choice? We don’t know much about the current status and prospects of the doctor’s profession, so I want to ask you about this."

  In response to this, Tao Yong wrote in response, “The daily work of a doctor not only did not bore me, but it became a source of spiritual strength.” “From the beginning, I was not satisfied with just making money and gaining reputation. I should say, Idealistic people are more "greedy" because they want their own inner satisfaction." He also said, "I can't live in a vacuum, and I respect the world's evaluation standards. I just keep a balance, don't go to extremes, and don't He will sacrifice his ideals in pursuit of more wealth"...In the letter, he expressed many thoughts about society, life, and the profession of doctors.

Finally, he encouraged the students, "I hope you will have more freedom of choice in your life, and at the same time maintain the awe of your original heart." Wen / reporter Pu Changting

  Letter excerpt

  I think I can do "walk all over the world without fear", relying on the other two books.

  One book is "Laugh and Forget Books".

I am a member of the Jiu San Society. In 2013, I had the honor to participate in the celebration of the 100th birthday of Professor Yan Renying, the senior of the Jiu San Society.

Professor Yan is an expert in obstetrics and gynecology of Xiehe Hospital. She was so miserable that she cleaned the toilet for ten years, so that when the obstetrics and gynecology department encountered intractable diseases, she would say "Go to the toilet to find Professor Yan."

  Speaking of that period of suffering, Professor Yan said in eight words, "Eat and sleep, heartless."

You see, "Laugh to the suffering" and "Forget about the sadness." If you learn this book well and improve your adversarial quotient, what else in life can beat us?

  The other book is "vocational book".

I am a doctor. Every day I come into contact with people who are born, old, sick, and die, or are physically disabled and suffering, or mentally anxious and upset, all of which are negative and shadowy.

  But the interesting thing about this world is that bright flowers are often blooming in the mud, so I also see many people who are impoverished, but still insist on working and don’t give up treatment; I also see many people who know they are terminally ill. But there are still people who have dreams and are constantly striving for progress; I have also seen many people who are isolated, misunderstood, injured, bruised and bruised but still have no hatred and laugh at life.

  The daily work of doctors, not only did not bore me, but became a source of spiritual strength.

  ——Tao Yong

  You were attacked in that office, leaving physical and mental trauma.

But when you answered Dong Qing's question "Why didn't you change an office" in The Reader, you showed that that office not only reminds you of scary things, but also many beautiful and moving things.

This shows that your heart is not only brave, but also more kind.

  Regarding pain, you think it has become a factor that improves your happiness in life. This may be your attitude towards all life experiences.

Pain has increased your social visibility, thereby deepening your sense of social responsibility, and providing you with a better opportunity to create social value.

It is your life pursuit of realizing the value of individual life and realizing social value, allowing you to turn your pain into an opportunity.

  Of course, you also mentioned your own confusion.

For example, in the face of "ceiling" hesitation, constantly weighing the pros and cons of working in public hospitals and private hospitals, and considering the question of whether it is worthwhile to be a doctor.

However, as you said, "Thinking about medical concepts can help me establish a self-consistent logical system, that is, faith." You combine faith and career, so the so-called predicament does not seem to be a predicament anymore.

  ——Chen Nanyu Sun Zongyi Wang Xueqing Zhang Dingfeng Zhang Xiaoyi


  "Laugh at the suffering, forget the sadness, don't forget the original intention, insist on choosing"

  Interviewer: Zhang Xiaoyi, a student from Class 6 of Beijing No.4 Middle School

  Beiqing Daily: Why do you want to write to Dr. Tao Yong?

What is the original intention?

  Zhang Xiaoyi: Before the winter vacation, the teacher assigned "thinking questions" to the class. As soon as I saw the two small sections of heroes of the era and model of the industry, the image of Dr. Tao Yong immediately emerged in my heart. The previous news media After reporting on his incident, Dr. Tao Yong is both an expert in the ophthalmology industry and a hero. It happened that he and my mother were both members of the Jiu San Society, so they asked their mother to help forward the letter to him.

  Because I and a classmate in the group want to study medicine and I am deeply attracted by the social responsibility of the doctor profession, but at the same time, I am full of infinite unknowns about the doctor profession, so I can also take this opportunity to consult Dr. Tao Yong. I believe he will give us valuable advice.

  Beiqing Daily: What is the process of writing letters?

How do the 5 students divide the work and how to communicate?

  Zhang Xiaoyi: Because this is a group task, we have communicated many times.

We first checked Dr. Tao Yong's introduction using Tencent video and WeChat voice, and found that the more we understand him, the more we admire him, and the inspiration naturally arises.

Then, we listed the general structure of the letter and got a clear idea. One of our members, Xueqing Wang, paid attention to his Weibo very early. Dr. Tao can be said to be her idol, and it happens that her writing style is very good. , So he volunteered to be the chief writer.

With the help of Sun Zongyi and Chen Nanyu, the content of the letter was completed.

  Classmate Zhang Dingfeng and I both dream of being a doctor, so we are responsible for asking Dr. Tao Yong our personal problems and the common problems that young people of our age have about the profession of doctors.

The letter has not been revised many times, because the preliminary work is very substantial, and the feeling of writing is very consistent with our thoughts. The final collation and finalization are all small problems with some words and sentences, and there is not much change.

It was finally finalized on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.

  Beiqing Daily: After reading Dr. Tao Yong's reply, how did you feel?

What inspired you?

  Zhang Xiaoyi: We have seen the meaning of life, the plan of life, and the wisdom of life.

He uses a humorous tone and real life events to make people laugh when moved, cry in joy, warm and powerful, and let us have a new understanding of values ​​and outlook on life, and know our new generation of youth Why study in the current environment, what is the purpose of study, we should shoulder social responsibility to fight for our ideals, and grow up to contribute to the people through our unremitting efforts.

  In the future, we must laugh at suffering, forget sorrow, remember our original intention, stick to our choices, and be a "greedy" idealist.

  Text / reporter Pu Changting


  The left hand is still in a state of disability, it is difficult to perform surgery again

  On January 20, 2020, a violent medical incident occurred in the Department of Ophthalmology of Chaoyang Hospital. Tao Yong suffered a fracture of his left hand, a ruptured neuromuscular blood vessel, a craniocerebral injury, and a fracture of the occipital bone. It was only two weeks later that he was out of danger.

  After 114 days of injury, he resumed his visit; in October of the same year, his essay collection "Guangzhou" was published; at the end of the year, he appeared on "Talk Show Against New Year's Eve". His performance made the audience cheer and screened the Internet.

  On February 2 this year, the assailant Cui Zhenguo was sentenced to death for intentional homicide, suspended for two years, and deprived of political rights for life.

  Today, Tao Yong's left hand is still in a state of disability, and the movement of holding objects with his active hand cannot be done.

Tao Yong said that there are no more optimistic expectations. The chance of returning to the operating table is very slim. It is difficult to perform surgery in person anymore. In the future, guidance will be given priority.

  His work also continues.

On his Weibo, he also insisted on a column "Answer every week" to respond to patients' questions; in the field of ophthalmology, the new scientific research results he and his team have achieved will be released soon; he also launched the "No Blindness in the World" public welfare action to help More people with low vision integrate into society.

Text / reporter Pu Changting