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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Vanessa Bryant takes on Meek Mill

Vanessa Bryant did not appreciate at all that Meek Mill was quoting her late husband, basketball player Kobe Bryant, in a rap that leaked last week.

This Monday, the widow of the legendary sportsman responded to the rapper on his Instagram story.

“Dear Meek Mill, I find these words disrespectful and lacking in sensitivity.


I'm not familiar with your music, but I'm sure you can do better.

If you're a fan, fine, there are better ways to show your admiration for my husband.

It lacks respect and tact, ”she wrote of the offending lyrics, which said“ that bitch I'm fucking always tells me she loves me but she never showed it to me / and if I miss, I'll take the chopper, like another Kobe ”.

Reluctant to compromise, Meek Mill seems to have taken note of Vanessa Bryant's complaints, tweeting half an hour later: “I'm wild in this shit.

I'll admit your feelings ”.


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Justin Hartley is officially divorced

A year and a half after initiating divorce proceedings from Chrishell Stause,

This is us


Justin Hartley and his ex are finally officially separated.

The couple married in 2017 before Justin Hartley abruptly filed for divorce in November 2019, via text, according to his ex.

According to a



, the two former spouses were "in a way fundamentally incompatible".

No announcement was made regarding possible alimony.

This is Justin Hartley's second divorce.


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