Former short-track national player Kim Dong-sung is fighting a mud fight with Oh Mo, who was divorced in 2018.

After his ex-wife made a problem with not paying child support, Kim Dong-sung is raising the level of attacks by disclosing Oh's abusive Kakao Talk message or revealing false education.

On the 15th, Kim Dong-sung said on the SNS of his lover, People's Jung, "The biggest reason for the divorce from his ex-wife was the broken trust. Mr. Oh's academic background at Seoul National University was false, but he did not admit it until the end, so the trust was broken and the catastrophe occurred. It’s right.” He attributed the cause of the breakdown to Mr. Oh.

On the 22nd, he also revealed KakaoTalk messages exchanged with Oh on the SNS of his lover Yeon Min-jung.

In this message, Mr. Oh roughly demanded payment of child support and mentioned an affair with Mr. Jang Si-ho.

In addition, Kim Dong-sung made a problem with Oh's conduct by releasing a Kakao Talk message with his son, who said that he had a boyfriend.

However, Kim Dong-sung's actions like this are rather antagonistic to the public.

It was revealed that Kim Dong-sung has been delaying 3 million won per month for two children for several months.In addition, the court admitted that Jang Si-ho and Kim Dong-sung's family broke, and that Jang Si-ho ordered Oh to pay 7 million won of alimony. Because it is known.

In addition, recently, YouTube's Garrosero Research Institute released a Kakao Talk message that Kim Dong-sung believed to have had an inappropriate relationship with A, a woman with wealth while married to Oh in the past.

In this Kakao Talk message, Kim Dong-sung explicitly made financial demands to Mr. A, such as expensive watches, billions of foreign vehicles, clothes, private house, and attorney fees, while leading a high-level sexual conversation.

Kim Dong-sung previously explained through the media that he thought that Mr. A was a pure fan, and that he only received because he thought that expensive gifts were given as fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-sung divorced Mr. Oh, who had been married for 14 years in December 2018, and is known to have been working as a coach ever since.

In particular, Kim Dong-sung appeared in TV Chosun'We Got Divorced' last month with the concept of preparing for remarriage with his lover Yeon Min-jung, and was beaten by the public.  

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)