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"Environmental" barometer of digital players, support for "virtuous data centers" ... The government, after the presentation of the first measures in early October, finalized Tuesday "its" roadmap to limit the ecological footprint of digital, a response to the proposals of the Citizen's Convention for the Climate.

During a conference in Bercy last October, Barbara Pompili, Minister for Ecological Transition, and Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, had already presented a series of measures intended to encourage the lifespan of terminals (smartphones , TV, computers ...), the manufacture of which represents 75% of the digital ecological footprint in France.

“An environmental barometer of digital players”

Among the new measures, the establishment of an "environmental barometer" of digital players, whose collection power will be entrusted to the telecoms regulator (Arcep), the taking into account of environmental issues in the allocation of the next frequencies 5G on the 26 GHz band, or even support for “ecologically virtuous” datacenters.

Objective: to moderate the digital footprint, which represents between “5% and 10%” of global emissions in France, and “to converge” the development of this activity with high potential in the service of environmental protection.

Subsidized smartphones in the crosshairs

Thus, the government intends to support start-ups of “Green Tech” with an aid fund of 300 million euros, or even integrate “an environmental dimension” into acceleration strategies in promising sectors such as artificial intelligence. , cloud computing and 5G.

Following a proposal from the Citizen's Convention for the Climate, the government has also commissioned Arcep to study the impact of the business model of smartphones subsidized by telecom operators, whereas between “50 and 100 million telephones sleep in the drawers ”of the French.

New measures to support the reconditioning sector, a market estimated at 500 million euros by companies in the sector, have also been announced, like the State's objective of reaching 20% ​​of terminals. "Second hand" in its purchases for its public services.

"A very large part of these measures" are intended to be implemented during the year, indicated the offices of the two ministers.


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