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The Daft Punk.

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With their futuristic helmets, they were "

 the most famous anonymous people in the world,

 " said

Le Parisien


The French electro duo Daft Punk therefore announced their separation yesterday, after 28 years of musical revolution and… 4 albums.

Initially, " 

two Parisians who did not come out of nowhere

 ," notes

Le Parisien

 : " 

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, on the one hand, heir to a large Portuguese family, Thomas Bangalter, on the other, a child de la ballon, son of Daniel Vangarde, disco producer in the 1970s. Before starting with his first group Darlin ', the young musician, thanks to his father, knew all the cogs of the music industry.

Even to the point of catching on the fly a review of the prestigious English weekly

Melody Maker

who described a song of these high school friends as

"daft, punky, trash",


"idiot, lost, dirty",

to make it the name of his future duo

"Daft Punk".


It could have easily continued like that again

, sighs



ten, twenty, thirty years old, to chain the ghost linings under the helmets, to throw a vague featuring in the pasture to the fans every five years and to teaser here and there of hypothetical projects through cryptic videos without ever seeing the end of it anywhere.

It could have, but in fact not: Daft Punk preferred, via a video uploaded yesterday, to directly announce his separation.


32 tweets per second ...

Paradox, also underlines


: “

At a time when we are above all known for being famous, where we have to occupy the field day and night, the Daft Punk were rare and discreet, at the same time plunged up to the neck in absurdity. industry and totally beside it, continuing to shop at Monoprix while three generations danced on Get Lucky, arriving in Cannes without any photographer leaving his stool for them.


Yesterday, notes

Le Figaro

, “the

announcement of the separation of the electro duo set Twitter in turmoil, generating an average of 32 tweets per second.

 "It must be said that" 

the duo was, since the thunderous and abrasive Homework

(in 1997),

the greatest ambassador of French electro.


It is therefore “

 the epilogue of Daft Punk after three decades of hits,

 ” points out

Le Monde



The news, given without explanation, had the effect of a beautiful explosion so much, in twenty-eight years, this iconic tandem of the French Touch has conquered an international status.

A dimension claimed from their beginnings, served by unparalleled know-how and a

"Warholian" way

of considering artistic creation as a whole integrating both the production of the work and its commercial exploitation.

(…) "

Partial reconfinement: who after Nice?

Also on the front page, the partial reconfinement for the Côte d'Azur ... " 

Faced with the epidemic, Macron chooses pragmatism

 ", headlines

Le Figaro



The decision was expected: Nice and the entire coast of the Alpes-Maritimes department are affected by a partial reconfinement, the next two weekends.

The Head of State wants to favor the territorialized approach.


However, asks

Le Parisien

, “ 

can the epidemic be controlled in 15 days?


And then " 

who after Nice?


Le Dauphiné


 Is this unprecedented measure at the local level the harbinger of a turn of the screw soon to be widespread? 


In any case, be careful, warn

Les Latest Nouvelles d'Alsace

 : "

Can the epidemic be controlled in 15 days?"

Without prospects of clearing up, the expected third wave in mental health risks hitting hard, too hard.

(…) The

whole of France cannot be under house arrest permanently and in the same way.

Otherwise, abusive behavior and avoidance of barrier gestures will multiply, through extreme weariness as much as through incomprehension.

Father Fouettard can clean the beach when necessary.

If he knows not to arouse the desire for rebellion elsewhere. 


Hirak bis repetita ...

Finally, yesterday's human tide in the streets of Algiers… “ 

Hirak, one more time…

 ”, launches


on the front page…


This February 22 was to serve as a test for the authorities and the Algerian population:

(two after its appearance), was

the Hirak really dead, suffocated by the pandemic?

Given the thousands of people who marched in the streets of Algiers yesterday, its springs are still there,

comments the newspaper

, the Hirak only asks to be reborn.



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