In Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture, where the engine and machine gun that seemed to be part of the former Japanese Navy fighter "Zero Battle" were found, a grave that seems to belong to the Zero Battle pilot was found.

Masahide Koji (77), who has been searching for the place where the aircraft crashed at the request of the bereaved family of the pilot of "Zero Battle", thinks that it is a part of "Zero Battle" so far in Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture. We are discovering things like engines, machine guns, and human bones.

In addition, this month, a grave was found in a graveyard about 500 meters away, believed to belong to a Zero War pilot.

The tombstone is engraved with "August 15, 1945, killed in action at Otaki Izumisui," and according to a local man, a tomb was built one year after the end of the war to mourn the deceased pilot of his grandmother. It means that you have managed it.

The man said, "My grandmother and mother told me,'I'm sorry, so someone has to mourn.'"

On the 23rd, Eisaku Sugiyama (91), who asked Koji to search for the Zero battle on which the pilot's brother was riding, and his family visited the site and confirmed the graves found.

I don't know if the bones of people found so far or the grave this time belong to Mr. Sugiyama's brother, but Mr. Sugiyama said, "Since I was searched so far, my brother can also be seen. I don't think I've died for the sake of my life, "he said.