Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) pleads for a change in the sequence of vaccinations against the corona virus.

“We have to weigh this vaccination priority really well again.

To be honest, in the next few weeks, when you see how much is left of AstraZeneca, ”said Söder on Tuesday evening in an online conversation with the“ Bild ”newspaper with children.

"It's really absurd that we have a vaccine that nobody wants."

Söder found clear words: “That is pretty annoying, this AstraZeneca story.

This impression that it is not effective, and then it lies around. ”Because of the age restriction, the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company is now also being given to teachers.

"But that will probably not be enough."

"My greatest wish would be an additional vaccine for children and adolescents," said Söder in the question and answer session.

“Then we could all vaccinate at school, and then we would have absolute freedom again after a few weeks.” It was recently reported from several places that people had refused a vaccination with AstraZeneca.

“We currently have around 5,400 AstraZeneca vaccine doses left,” reported the head of the Cologne fire brigade and member of the crisis team, Christian Miller, to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”.

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