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Nevva: this is the name of the software developed by the Caen start-up Samdoc to better identify pain in intensive care patients.

The tool will soon be tested at the Caen University Hospital (Calvados), reports

France Bleu Normandie. 

The principle is relatively simple: the software will assess the pain felt in patients unable to express themselves by analyzing their facial expressions.

A smartphone, on which the Nevva application will be installed, will be placed over the patient's face and his expressions will be recorded and analyzed by an algorithm.

Physicians informed in real time and remotely

The tool will thus convert the data into a curve easily readable by the doctors, who can then adapt the treatment given to the patient against the pain.

Today, caregivers must visit patients' beds every four to six hours to observe them and estimate their pain level.

Thanks to Nevva, they will be informed in real time of the patient's condition without having to travel.

If the tests, which are due to begin in mid-2021, are conclusive, Nevva could also be used in other services such as neonatal resuscitation or pediatrics.

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