The French duo finally put down the helmets.


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  • Daft Punk group announced their separation after 28 years of career

  • The news shook the world of culture and music

  • We asked our internet users what memories they kept of the two robots

The effect of a bomb.

Monday February 22, while the world continued to turn somehow, one of the most iconic groups that France has known, and even the world, decided to announce its separation.

Daft Punk didn't give notice and didn't leave a note.

Only a video rather explicit about the non-future of the group.

Obviously, around the world, the news caused a lot of noise.

Tributes and messages followed one another throughout the day to express the sadness, melancholy or disappointment that such an announcement could have caused.

Our Internet users are no exception, and they have shared with us their memories tinged with regret, of course, but also with gratitude.

"I was listening to" Veridis Quo "after my first breakup"

“It's a bit of a blow in the face to see them separate,” explains Flavio: “Daft Punk has greatly influenced my musical tastes since today my playlists are mainly made up of electro sounds, and there is no one of their sounds that still finds a place in it.

»He says, he who regrets being part of« this generation who grew up with their music but arrived too late to attend one of their concerts ».

This frustration can also be found in Flo: “Among the artists who have marked me the most in the flesh.

I would have been ready to pay several thousand euros to see them play in concert ”.

The helmeted duo will have shaped the musical tastes of many, it is a fact.

But he will also have left memories, many memories.

Jonathan, for example, remembers, “I was listening to

Veridis Quo

 while walking in the rain after my first breakup.

It is indelible.

Another memory, another mood, with that of Amélie: I was 10 years old.

Coming home from school, I passed a bar that was playing

Da Funk


I was glued to the front door.

What was that incredible sound?


Right in my early years when I was building the foundations of my musical culture.

Daft Punk, it was huge, great, every time your new songs came out.

I remember 


, one of my first CDs, which I had to listen to in secret because my parents did not approve of this music.

And finally, they were the first to listen to Random Access Memories on repeat ”.

"The two robots are above the lot"

In nearly thirty years of career, Daft Punk will have accompanied several generations of amateurs of electronic music, like Jean-Baptiste born in 2001, that is to say the same year as

Harder Better Faster Stronge

r: “The first thing which comes back to me in memory at Daft Punk's subject is the discovery of the



 which I found sensational, even though I only listened to it 15 years after its release.

From the first track,


, I found it incredible.

The two robots are above the rest for me: They tick all the boxes.

I was proud for France when I saw them win the Grammys in 2014. "Thierry, he discovered them 20 years ago, but the passion remains alive:" The end of Daft Punk is a piece of me that stops, there was always one of their pieces that accompanied my day, and there always will be.


Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, their real names, will have succeeded in building a real relationship of intimacy with their audience, without ever revealing too much.

It is the music, and only music, that will have created this link with a very large audience.

A synthesis of emotions and genres that Patrick sums up perfectly, to conclude: “Quite simply the best electronic music group in the world.

A rallying point for fans of indie, ambient, rap, funk music… The duo unites all genres and all audiences.

Their stage performances remain etched in memories forever.

More than a music group, Daft Punk will remain as an ultimate experience of sensations, wonders, delight among millions of listeners and without any fault of taste, a challenge perfectly mastered in 30 years of existence.



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