The duo Daft Punk here on the Ubu stage in Rennes, as part of the Trans Musicales in 1995. -

Eric Perez

  • The duo Daft Punk announced their separation on Monday in a video called "Epilogue".

  • In 1995, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo came to play at the Trans Musicales de Rennes for a concert without a mask which almost never took place.

  • The following year, the duo returned for an evening of the Planet event while they were a hit.

We barely knew them.

They themselves had not yet had the idea of ​​displaying helmets.

In 1995, Daft Punk had barely started a career that would last twenty-eight years and take them among the most famous electronic musicians on the planet when they landed at the Trans Musicales de Rennes.

On Monday, the group officially announced that they were breaking up.

The end of a legendary duo that has survived the years without ever losing its identity.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are just 20 years old and have just stood out thanks to their title

Da Funk


Faithful to his reputation as a pioneer, the historical programmer of the festival manages to bring in the two Parisian geniuses.

“They were Parisians but who were friends with people from Rennes.

He had made a DJ set I think at Carmès and they were very friends with Kenobi, who is a friend of mine, ”said Jean-Louis Brossard for the Mémoire de Trans website.

Scheduled for Saturday evening, the concert almost did not take place.

The day before, the programmer had even announced to the press that Daft Punk will not come, because of the mess generated by the strike against the Juppé plan.

“There was no more gasoline, no more cars, no more trains.

We managed to get Thomas Bangalter, who had just obtained his license, to agree to take his car.

They had put their whole studio inside the car to bring it on a plane that had been reserved for them so as to bring them to Rennes.

It was a miracle, ”recalls Jean-Louis Brossard.

"They were not stars at all"

The Parisian duo finally landed on Saturday on the very small stage of the Ubu in front of a few hundred curious people.

“They were starting to be known in Paris but they were not stars at all.

We suspected that it was going to blow, but I was far from imagining such a success, ”recalls Eric Perez.

Around this time, the man slams photos for



, which has just been created.

He will be one of the few to photograph Daft Punk without a helmet.

“We knew them a little because we had made the cover of their first album.

At Ubu, they were a little expected because we didn't really know what it would look like live, ”recalls Eric Perez.

The photographer remembers a great concert.

" It was really good.

They had pieces that beaten up ”.

The festival programmer keeps the same memories.

“It was a great concert.

The guys were super lovely.

We loved it, ”recalls Jean-Louis Brossard.

Daft Punk will also appreciate it.

To the point of returning to Rennes the following year to participate in Planète, an electro event close to the rave party which was held at the Parc-Expo.

“Kenobi made sure they put on a really special show for us.

It was a mix of live and dj set on hall 9 of the Parc-Expo.

It's something they've only done once in their life.

More out of friendship and respect for the festival.

And there too, they didn't have a helmet, ”laughs Brossard.

That year, however, they prohibited access to photographers and no longer wanted to be recognized.

With this idea of ​​"not personalizing the music".

A myth was born.

He has just died.


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Daft Punk announces his separation with "Epilogue"

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