Frank Masmeijer is not yet released from Belgian prison early.

The Dutch former presenter heard from the judge on Monday that he should continue to serve his nine-year prison sentence.

Masmeijer waited for the verdict largely in freedom: because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the former presenter was allowed to take 'corona leave' during which he was allowed to serve his sentence at home.

Masmeijer, 59, was sentenced in 2019 to a nine-year prison term and a fine of 90,000 euros for involvement in drug trafficking.

The former showmaster long denied having anything to do with the cocaine deal, but said in late 2018 that he played a "limited role" in an attempted smuggling of 467 kilos of cocaine from Colombia, which was transported in banana boxes through the port in Antwerp.

Because Masmeijer has served a third of his sentence, he was able to ask for early release.

The judge is of the opinion that Masmeijer has not submitted a proper rehabilitation plan to stay on the right track.

The former presenter can submit a new request for early release in October.