Sujin, a member of the girl group (girls) Idle, who was accused of being a school violence perpetrator, directly denied the allegations.

On the 22nd, Sujin made a direct statement on the 22nd through the fan cafe, saying, "I post after worrying a lot."

Sujin said, "I was a prominent child when I was in school, and it's true that there are always bad rumors. I wear clothes that don't fit the job of a student and smoke a few cigarettes out of curiosity."

However, he said, "I wandered as a child, and since then I still don't smoke," he said. "Even if I got better after fixing it, I think that this result came out today because there were clearly all my embarrassing and sorry actions."

Sujin said, "There is a really unfair part," he said, saying, "I always tried to do bad rumors, but after seeing that many fans are struggling, I just want to put everything down and talk about it once."

Sujin said, “I think the friend who posted the post and I were really friends. I remember eating at the friend's house and the memory of watching a movie with the friend's older sister and the three. "I remember being a grateful person who tried to report it to the police when I was in trouble after receiving a threatening letter from my senior, and my sister always had a grateful heart."

“I knew from that article why he tried to keep me away. The reason for the fight I remember was that he broke his promise. It wasn't once or twice, and I remember being upset about it. I didn't know if he was trying to keep me away," he said. "I'm very embarrassed, but I remember swearing at that friend. And at that moment, my sister answered the phone and she scolded me. And I said sorry to her and called. I quit. Since then, I've been completely separated from the friend and seem to have had bad feelings for each other,” he explained the situation at the time he remembers.

Su-jin said, "I have never assaulted my friend. I have never rode a motorcycle. I have never sent a group text message to lead bullying. I have not stolen school uniforms or stolen goods." Everything that is going on is not true.

In addition, regarding the suspicion of abusiveness with actor Seo Shin-ae, Sujin said, "I have never had a conversation with actor Seo Shin-ae when I was in school. I am sorry that this happened to him as well."

Finally, Sujin apologized, saying, "I apologize for causing controversy over my personal life. I am sorry to all those who have been hurt by embarrassing behavior."

Earlier, in an online community, an article alleging that Sujin was a abuser during his school days was controversial.

Afterwards, the exposure of Sujin's school bombing continued, and in response to this, the agency Cube Entertainment suggested legal action, saying that it was all false facts.

In the midst of this, suspicion was added by actor Seo Shin-ae, who was from the same school as Sujin, leaving a meaningful post on social media saying "None of your excuse".

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)