China News Online, February 21st (Zhang Jian, Zhang Jiayu, Qian Chen) In response to the frequent high-altitude parabolic phenomena in the community, Shanghai Songjiang police teamed up with the property department to install "sky eyes" in front of the community buildings and accurately adjusted them one by one , Effectively curbed high-altitude littering behavior.

Objects that fell from a height were monitored and "locked" in the window of Huang's kitchen on the 11th floor. Photo courtesy of the police

Huang, who was detained in accordance with the law, admitted that he was throwing household garbage out of his kitchen window in order to save trouble. Photo by Zhang Jiayu

  Recently, when Mr. Zhao, a citizen, drove home and passed Building 11 in the community, the vehicle was hit by a glass bottle falling from the sky, the sunroof of the car was smashed to pieces, and he was almost injured.

Panicked, Mr. Zhao called the police for help.

Based on the cameras previously installed in front of the 11th building, the police quickly targeted Huang who lived on the 11th floor.

It is understood that Huang, who is over 60 years old, often throws household garbage out the window because he is greedy to save trouble.

Although community cadres came to publicize and educate many times, Huang still went his own way until it caused disaster.

In front of the evidence, Huang confessed to the facts of the crime. At present, Huang has been criminally detained by Songjiang police in accordance with the law.