At 19:00 on February 19, the Fire Rescue Brigade of Yongxin County, Jiangxi received a report saying that three couples had met in Qiushan, Tailing Township, where they accidentally walked on the wrong road and were trapped.

  The 6 firefighters immediately brought satellite phones, lighting fixtures and rescue ropes to the scene and arrived at the scene at 20:12.

  Under the guidance of local guides, rescuers marched towards the suspected trapped area.

Due to high mountains and dense forests and steep slopes and slippery roads, the journey is extremely difficult and dangerous.

Fortunately, there are constant communication signals, and rescuers and tourists have been sharing their WeChat location.

  During the march, rescuers searched along the road based on the melons and fruits discarded by the tourists, snack packages and the signs hung on the trunks of the road by the tourists, and finally found the trapped tourists at the bottom of a cliff at 21:16 that night.

However, the bottom of the cliff is more than 200 meters away from the rescuer's location. The mountains are densely forested and there is no road. The rescuer can only bypass the top of a mountain and carry out rescues at the next mountainside location.

  In the end, the rescuers pulled the six tourists up from the bottom of the cliff through two rescue ropes of more than 30 meters and used rope rescue methods to pull the six tourists up from the bottom of the cliff, and all successfully escaped.

  Huashan Qiu Peng Jiangxi Yongxin reports

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]