As the effects of the new coronavirus continue to prolong, free telephone consultations are being held nationwide for working people.

This telephone consultation is provided by support groups made up of lawyers and labor unions at 46 locations nationwide on the 20th.

At the venue in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, a woman in her 70s said, "I'm working part-time at a supermarket, but it's difficult to pay rent because my work is reduced and my pension is small." It is possible to receive welfare protection, so why don't you consult with the government office? "

Satoshi Nakano, standing secretary of the Zenroren, said, "Many people are worried about employment at the end of the fiscal year. Some people have not been able to receive it because the support system of the government has been expanded. It may be a target, so please consult with us. "

The telephone consultation number is toll-free 0120-157-930 and is accepted until 10 pm on the 20th.