In view of the dangers posed by virus mutations, Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) warned against a hasty relaxation of the corona requirements in Germany.

“The federal government and the federal states must jointly develop a sensible opening concept,” Heil told the editorial network in Germany (Saturday).

"It has to be so sure that after a few weeks we don't have to close everything that we just opened."

Heil admitted that it was anything but easy to draw up a reliable step-by-step plan for openings.

“I can only warn that, as in Austria, there will be an on-off strategy.

That would finally pull the rug out from under the feet of many who are economically active. ”A glance over the Czech border and also into parts of Austria shows:“ We cannot give the all-clear. ”

The SPD politician warned that with an opening strategy it is important to proceed carefully step by step.

“All measures have to be accompanied by a good testing strategy and we have to keep an eye on the vaccination progress,” he said.

"Just because we're all annoyed with the lockdown, we can't end it with a bang."


The head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen, on the other hand, called for rapid regional opening steps not only in retail, but also in gastronomy and tourism.

“It is obvious that a region with high incidence values ​​must be treated differently than that with low values.

That's why you can't just say in general that there shouldn't be any restaurant openings or Easter holidays, ”said Gassen of the Düsseldorf“ Rheinische Post ”(Saturday).

The economy has long been pushing for an end to the strict restrictions.

"We have to replace the blanket lockdown with targeted, effective individual measures," said Stefan Genth, managing director of the main association of German retailers, the "Rheinische Post".

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