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  • TikTok aims to transform its most popular users into “billboards”, according to our partner DNA.

  • Its top influencers will be able to share links to products to buy and earn commissions on each sale.

  • TikTok's approach is not surprising given that some of its members were already using the platform to sell and buy products.

"If it's free, it's because you are the product", they said of GAFAM.

But at a time when the myth of the entrepreneur seduces even teenagers, they do not hesitate to show their small business on the networks.

" It's free ?

So I will sell my products there.


Turning TikTok Stars into Teleshopping Stars

Of course, the practice has not escaped the networks, which intend to benefit from the trend.


Financial Times

reports that Generation Z's favorite app, TikTok, aims to turn its most popular users into "billboards."

The principle is simple: the

cool kids

will be able to share links to products to buy, and will earn commissions on each sale.

TikTok did not invent anything: we go back to the sources of affiliate marketing, which Amazon already mastered the cogs when blogs reigned supreme on the Internet.

Note that creators will be able to sell products without the brand officially sponsoring their content.

The consecration of

live shopping

These new features are also an opportunity to confirm TikTok's ambitions in terms of

live shopping


In a permanent teleshopping fashion, the practice should allow users of the application to purchase products without leaving the platform.

In charge of the animation?

The stars of the network, again.

A test had already been carried out with Walmart in December 2020.

Jason and Hwi Hyun are watched by over a million followers on TikTok - Instagram/@k.hwijae

For their part, brands will be able to put online a catalog of products to buy, a bit like on Instagram.

A fairly logical development

It's no wonder TikTok is picking up on the subject, as teens were already using the platform to sell and buy products.

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Moreover, the network's dual heritage - the big names in Silicon Valley are all getting into e-commerce, and China is used to super-apps that centralize all user activities - naturally pushes it towards these practices.

By laying down clear rules and formalizing uses, the application could also protect itself from illegal trade activities that are currently rife there.


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The original article was written by Mélanie Roosen and published on the DNA website.

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