Expert: Don't blindly follow the trend when reporting online classes

  News from our newspaper (reporter Li Qiyao) "In order to keep the child at home on vacation and maintain school schedules, I arranged for him to have online classes 5 days a week." Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Xu Lin, the parent of the student in the first year of the junior high school, signed up for his son. Online courses from multiple off-campus training institutions.

This year's winter vacation, offline training was suspended, and online training has become the first choice for parents. Among them, there are also phenomena of blindly following the trend and pursuing the number of courses.

In this regard, experts suggest that parents should fully understand the needs of their children, and scientifically select online classes according to their characteristics.

  "The holiday is early, and the children are also in a relaxed state during the Spring Festival holiday. After the holiday, we go to work, and the children have to'relieve their hearts' at home." Xu Lin said that the online courses he chose for his children were relatively weak subjects. Using the time before school starts to recharge and recharge can play a consolidating and strengthening role.” The reporter noted that most parents hope to help their children get back to school with the help of online courses.

Ms. Xiao's daughter Tong Tong is in the second grade of elementary school this year.

From next week, Tongtong will follow the schedule set by her mother: 8 classes a week, 1 to 2 classes a day, 30 minutes per class; in addition to online one-on-one oral practice with foreign teachers, there is also online English Picture book reading, mathematical thinking training and one-to-one live art class.

  Parents in the third and third grades of junior high school who choose to let their children take lessons online are planning to use the last few days of the winter vacation to "sprint".

Ms. Xie is the parent of junior high school students. She chose three online tutoring courses for her children: math, physics and chemistry.

"Many students in the children's class have applied for online classes, and we can't fall behind."

  The reporter learned from a number of off-campus training institutions that due to the epidemic, offline training was suspended during the winter vacation, and the popularity of online training remained unabated. The number of applicants was considerable. Popular subjects such as mathematics, physics, and English were basically filled up within a week after the start of classes. .

Wei Hangying, the principal of Beijing Leifeng Primary School, reminded parents that it is a good idea to help the children to "relieve" and get back to school before the beginning of school. It is also a good idea to apply for some extracurricular online classes appropriately.

"But many parents blindly follow the trend, and some children follow their parents' arrangements to deal with things. In the end, the children don't learn anything, but they will get burnout." Wei Hangying said that during the holidays, students should arrange their own time reasonably, with a combination of arts and sciences, and cultural classes. Interests and hobbies are arranged alternately, and physical exercise and outdoor activities are appropriately increased.

Parents should communicate with their children, fully understand their needs, and help them make scientific and reasonable holiday arrangements to better welcome the beginning of school.