[Explanation] The Spring Festival holiday has quietly ended. After the moisturizing of the long holiday, have everyone's cheeks become more rounded?

During the festive season, you gain three pounds. After the holidays, have you started your new year's slimming plan?

Let's follow Xiaoxin's lens and listen to what everyone says.

  [Subtitle] Have you become heavier after the Spring Festival?

  I have probably gained five kilograms of fat. I usually don’t have so much time to eat delicious food. When I go home, the seven aunts and eight aunts will add vegetables to the bowl for you. During the Spring Festival, I like to make a fat house.

  Three or four catties must be there, and I don't have much activity at home.

  It's about two kilograms or so, four kilograms I think I will be back soon.

  My weight has not become heavier. My husband and children have become heavier by about two or three catties.

Because I eat meat and I don’t work during the Spring Festival, I just sleep at home after eating, and then just play.

  [Subtitle] Future slimming plan?

  My height is 1.69 meters, and my goal is actually to stabilize below 95 pounds.

In fact, if you treat yourself a little harder, you can achieve it in three or four days, that is, you can skip meals for a few days and nights.

  I can do it almost 5 times a week, and then one part a day, in this cycle.

The diet is to eat less carbohydrates, and then meat basically eat beef and chicken.

  Just let the children go down to exercise and play basketball.

  The plan is to stick to the morning run of 5000 meters every day.

  Don't you just start at work, and start eating less and moving more after work.

  [Explanation] As we all know, the six-character motto in the weight-loss industry is "keep your mouth shut, step forward."

Appropriate exercise is essential. Let’s take a look at the home fitness class of a fitness coach.

  【Live teaching screen】

  [Subtitle] Bend your knees on the cushion

  [Concurrent] Fitness Coach Wang Jie

  The spine is in a state of bending the back, the hand can hold the back, and the knee is bent.

Inhale and exhale, the feeling of lifting.

This can be done 15 to 20 times at a time and then four to five sets can be done per training. This can stabilize the core and increase the muscles around the waist and abdomen.

  So that it can quickly achieve a lost metabolism of waist and abdomen core fat

  【Subtitle】Russian Twist

  [Concurrent] Fitness Coach Wang Jie

  For the second move, we can do a Russian twist, and then sit on the mat the same, pay attention to breathing.

You can straighten your arms, inhale and exhale, 15 to 20 times on one side, and then do four to five sets, you can do a fat metabolism and reduction around our flanks.

  【Subtitle】Plate support open and close jump

  [Concurrent] Fitness Coach Wang Jie

  In the third action, we can do a leg opening and closing on the basis of plank support, and then be careful not to collapse the waist.

Your elbows are shoulder-width apart, your forearms are just below your shoulders, your legs are hard, your buttocks are slightly contracted, and you are ready to open and close your legs later.

You can train to a muscle group on the inner and outer thighs, so as to achieve a fat loss effect faster and increase metabolism.

  [Explanation] The fitness coach told Xiaoxin that the rapid weight gain caused by "overeating" during holidays can be recovered through exercise in a short time. You can calculate the weight range corresponding to height according to the weight formula to judge yourself Physical condition.

He also recommends that office workers take regular physical exercise three times a week to achieve the effect of reducing fat.

  [Concurrent] Fitness Coach Wang Jie

  This short-term gain of 10 kilograms of weight may actually be caused by too much sodium intake in our diet or because we eat too much staple food, too much sugar, and more carbon water, it will also increase some weight, which is 5 kilograms. Or 4 kg of water in it.

If you can do some consumption in a short time, you can quickly reduce the weight. You can use your net height. This is a relatively rough algorithm.

Height centimeters minus 100. For men, multiply by 0.9 to 1. For women, you can multiply by 0.85. 0.85 to 9 are more appropriate (weight).

It is recommended that office workers take 30 minutes to 60 minutes to do some sports training. The fitness plan or the next day training is more appropriate.

  [Explanation] As the saying goes, three-point practice and seven-point diet, in addition to maintaining exercise, a reasonable diet is also important.

Food experts recommend that friends who are in the fat-reducing period should properly control carbohydrate intake, eat more vegetables and high-quality protein, but do not advocate dieting to lose weight.

  [Concurrent] Zhong Kai, Director of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center

  This strict ketogenic diet with no carbon water is actually not very good for health. Through this strict diet, he will lose muscle and water, so he will play quickly.

There may be some consequences such as hair loss, some anxiety, depression, and so on.

In terms of dietary structure, we recommend that you properly control your carbohydrate intake, while ensuring our high-quality protein and fruit and vegetable intake. In fact, you should still pay attention to nutritional balance and fitness.

  Reporter Liu Xuanting reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】