Ramón Verkoeijen ended up at home with a burnout two years ago.

During that period he received a call from his employer 3FM: his afternoon show with Mark van der Molen was canceled.

In conversation with


, he calls that timing "badly bad".

"A burnout is a kind of open wound. You have to be careful with that. When you get a phone call like that out of the blue, it feels like a bucket of salt being tipped into it." We want a different course ", they said. Of course I had to accept that ", says Verkoeijen (35).

The radio DJ is now back at work for the station.

"I'm like a football player who has to listen to the coach. Great, but of course the message came at a very unfortunate moment. They understand that at the channel now."

The radio producer looks back gratefully to his burnout.

“By only doing the things that really make me happy, there is now balance. In that sense, that burnout has been an opportunity in disguise.