Happy New Year in the snow

Beijing Winter Olympics venues are quite fun

  The Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is the last Spring Festival before the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and it is also a valuable holiday for people to participate in ice and snow sports.

  In order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, further promote the development of ice and snow sports, and help 300 million people participate in ice and snow sports, Haidian District, Beijing, since the beginning of the New Year’s day, has used the "I am in Haidian New Year" Spring Festival series of live broadcasts to let netizens Feel the speed and passion of ice and snow sports.

  The theme of the event is "Meet in Haidian Winter Olympics", hosted by the Media Center of Haidian District and co-organized by Beijing Xishan Ski Resort.

More and more people love ice and snow sports

  It is everyone's dream to jointly host a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympic Games.

According to the person in charge of the Rong Media Center in Haidian District, in recent years, Haidian citizens have been enthusiastic about participating in ice and snow sports and have taken practical actions to support the Winter Olympics.

The Haidian District is an important member unit and major event hosting area for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Test competitions will be held soon.

  How about the construction of Wukesong Stadium and Capital Stadium, which netizens are very concerned about?

According to Zhang Shifang, Secretary and Director of the Haidian District Housing Construction Committee, there are 10 Winter Olympics projects in the Haidian District.

At present, six Winter Olympic venues have been successfully constructed. The competition venues, Capital Gymnasium, Wukesong Gymnasium, and non-competition venues Winter Sports Management Center Comprehensive Training Hall, Capital Skating Hall, and Wukesong Ice Sports Center have been completed.

The reconstruction project of the first sports complex located on the east side of the Capital Gymnasium is progressing steadily. It is planned to be completed in 2021 and will be used as a training venue for figure skating.

Four supporting projects for the Winter Olympics were completed simultaneously, including the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway, the 110 kV power transmission and transformation project for the first body, the renovation project of the athletes' apartment, and the Winter Olympics event center.

  It is understood that during the Winter Olympics, Wukesong Stadium and Wukesong Ice Sports Center will be used as ice hockey competition and training halls respectively, and test competitions will be held soon.

Ice hockey is a bit like ice football, which can be grabbed. It is very interesting and more and more people love ice hockey.

There are dozens of ice hockey teams in primary and secondary schools in Haidian.

  Guan Zizhao of the Xishan School of the National People's University Affiliated Middle School has practiced ice hockey for 8 years.

On February 24, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Wukesong Sports Center to inspect, and the same group of ice hockey teenagers had a cordial exchange.

The general secretary also "shoulder-shouldered" with Guan Zizhao, who was 9 years old at the time, in a greeting style unique to ice hockey players.

Guan Zizhao said: "Grandpa Xi encourages us to study hard and practice hard, to produce talents, to produce results, and to contribute to improving the level of winter sports in our country. The Winter Olympics are coming soon and I am extremely proud."

  Huang Shirui, a member of the Beijing Winter Olympics propaganda team from Class 4 of the seventh grade of the experimental school attached to Beijing No. 20 Middle School, shared his unforgettable experience with ice hockey: from just getting to know ice hockey in the first grade to becoming the main vanguard of the school’s ice hockey team, to Meet Grandpa Xi in the competition.

"I believe that as long as we have the courage to pursue, everyone can shine on the road of their choice. Ice hockey is my choice. I will always work hard to let the little ice puck cast my big dream!" Huang Shirui said excitedly.

Provide good conditions for ice and snow sports

  Chen Shuang, vice chairman of the Haidian District CPPCC and director of the Winter Olympics Wukesong Sports Center, said that in recent years, the work on ice and snow in Haidian District has been carried out in full swing.

Among them, Xishan Ski Resort, the only mid-to-large urban ski resort in Haidian District and the closest to the urban area in Beijing, provides good conditions for ice and snow sports during the Spring Festival.

  According to reports, Xishan Ski Resort has two outstanding advantages: First, it is close to the urban area, not more than 20 kilometers from the core area of ​​Zhongguancun, and can be reached by subway after get off work; second, the snow-making area of ​​the reconstructed Xishan Ski Resort is 120,000 square meters. The maximum drop is 120 meters. There are currently 7 ski trails suitable for skiers of different levels. The ski trails are relatively wide and straight, which is very suitable for beginners to practice and improve.

  "In ancient times, there was sunny snow in Xishan, but now there is skiing in Xishan." said Li Guowei, deputy general manager of Haidian International Investment Group. In the past three snow seasons, Xishan Ski Resort has directly donated 15,000 ski experience tickets to residents of Haidian District and distributed students There are nearly 40,000 free ski tickets, and more than 150,000 ski enthusiasts have been received.

  World champion Guo Dandan said in the New Year's greeting video that he is now in Chongli and cannot come to the Xishan ski resort. I wish the family in Haidian so bullish, and the Year of the Ox will be successful.

Pang Qing, the world figure skating champion, expressed his hope that everyone will participate in ice and snow sports more and feel the joy of ice and snow sports.

  At the live broadcast site, through a lottery draw, netizens and tourists were presented with ski tickets and the Winter Olympics mascots "Bingdun Dun" and "Snow Rongrong".

Among them, tourist No. 999 is a child. She happily said in an immature voice, “I usually come here to ski. I just skied.” Tourist No. 2022 said, “Working in the nearby science and technology park, sometimes off work at night. I ski often. No, I came to ski on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday. I am very happy."

  Our reporter Hua Ling