Inclusion of children with disabilities in education: where are we?

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By: Céline Guillaume

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At the start of the 2020 school year in France, 385,000 disabled children were able to find their way back to school, i.e. 6% more than in 2019, in particular thanks to the support of school life assistants.


For parents, this remains a real obstacle course and still too many children remain without an educational solution adapted to their handicap.

What about the African continent where inclusive education is starting to make its appearance in schools?

State of play in Cameroon.


Ernestine Ngo Melha,

associate researcher at

IREDU, University of Burgundy

, specialist in education, disability and international cooperation issues, author of

Inclusion in education of students with disabilities in France and Cameroon



Inclusive Education in Sub-Saharan Africa


and founder of the

Association for the Education of Handicapped Children (AAEEH)

Bénédicte Kail

, national family education advisor at

APF France handicap

Caroline Boudet

, journalist, mother of two children including Louise 6 years old, carrier of Down's syndrome, schooled in kindergarten and author of

The life reserve of surprises



The Louise effect


which evokes the difficulties of schooling of a disabled child. 


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