Kim Min-ji, the wife of former national football player Park Ji-sung and former SBS announcer, collected great interest by revealing a harmonious daily life in an entertainment program. It caught the eye.

On the 14th, Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji revealed the couple's daily life through MBC's entertainment program'Three Park: The Second Heart'.

In the broadcast, Kim Min-ji cited Park Ji-sung's excellent team play ability as a reason for thorough child-raising sharing, and praised Park Ji-sung, her sweet husband, saying, "My husband is a style to find work." I was admired by showing reactions such as "Is it a marriage encouraging broadcast?"

However, after the broadcast, Minji Kim left a long post on her YouTube channel community saying, "Thank you for having a good misunderstanding, but please be sure to resolve the misunderstanding." Minji Kim said, "I am envious of myself while watching the broadcast." I thought," he said, "Thank you to all the people who watched our lives beautifully. But I write with the heart that I don't want you to be upset too much."

Kim Min-ji continued, "Today alone, my husband went to work in Jeonju with a breeze like dawn, and the children were scolded for not eating breakfast properly, and went to kindergarten in a fashion terrorist-like outfit." It's not everything in everyday life,” he explained.

Kim Min-ji also emphasized that "the broadcast only showed this kind of day on a special day," and "for the sake of your happiness, I hope that the misunderstanding will be resolved."

As a result, netizens are showing warm responses such as "The writing is so cute and warm", "I am impressed to see what kind of heart I wrote", and "It's a deep feeling like a hearth".

(Photo = YouTube'Kim Min-ji's Mandurang', MBC's'Three Park: Second Heart' broadcast screen capture)

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