It was confirmed that a total of nine people, including residents, were infected with the new coronavirus by the 17th at the day service office attached to the serviced housing for the elderly in Saitama City, and the city was infected. We are investigating the infection route assuming that a cluster of

According to Saitama City, the occurrence of clusters was confirmed in the serviced housing for the elderly "Nagoyaka Residence Higashiurawa" in Midori-ku, Saitama City, and the day service office "Kagayaki Day Service Higashiurawa" attached to the same building. It is "Japanese".

This day service office is used by all residents of serviced housing for the elderly, and some users are commuting from home, so by the 17th, residents and day service users, as well as A total of nine employees have been confirmed to be infected.

Saitama City is inspecting other users and employees, and is investigating the infection route.

It was announced on the 17th in Saitama Prefecture that it was confirmed that 130 new people had been infected with the new coronavirus.

The breakdown is

▽ Saitama Prefecture announced 95 people

▽ Saitama City 19 people

▽ Kawaguchi City 10 people

▽ Kawagoe City 4 people

▽ Koshigaya City 2 people.

According to the prefecture, at the Ouchi Internal Medicine and Neurology Hospital in Misato City, where outbreaks are occurring, three new inpatients have been confirmed to be infected, bringing the total number of infected to 108.

In addition, 12 new cases were confirmed at 5 medical institutions and 3 facilities for the elderly in the prefecture where outbreaks have been confirmed, but the infection has spread to the outside in all prefectures. The name is not announced as not.

In addition, Saitama Prefecture announced that it will reduce the cumulative number of infected people by one, saying that the PCR test confirmed negative for one infected person announced on the 13th of this month.

As a result, a total of 28,097 people have been announced as infected in the prefecture.

In addition, Saitama Prefecture and Koshigaya City announced that a total of five people were killed after being infected with the new coronavirus.

According to the prefecture, the woman in her 70s who died on the 11th of this month was an inpatient at Gyoda Central General Hospital in Gyoda City, where an outbreak was confirmed, and 20 people died at this hospital.

In addition, a man in his 80s who died on the 6th of this month died at an elderly facility in the prefecture where he was admitted.

Infection was confirmed in the prefecture, and the number of people who died was 490.