After a first issue in early December 2020, Yahoo News is launching the rest of the episodes of its show "La face Katché".

Its presenter the musician Manu Katché and the director of information and programs of Yahoo France Alexandre Delpérier explain the program in "Culture Médias" Wednesday. 

After Yannick Noah in December and Patrick Bruel this week, the pace will accelerate for 

La face Katché

, the new program from Yahoo France presented by musician Manu Katché.

Guest of 

Culture Médias on 

Wednesday alongside Alexandre Delpérier, information and programs of Yahoo France, the drummer reveals what awaits the spectators of this show on diversity where the stars confide in the difficulties and the strengths that their differences have brought in their life path.

"It's a conversation rather than an interview", summarizes Manu Katché.

"So people are opening up significant cracks in their journey."

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Marie-Jo Pérec and Joey Starr

Alexandre Delpérier reveals the names of the next guests in this intimate conversation.

"We will put the program online in a fortnight or so with sports journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi," he reveals.

"I finished the edit a week ago, I cried during the 10 minutes of the interview. It's upsetting."

And the pace of filming is accelerating for 

La face Katché


"We will be shooting later with Marie-Jo Perec, and tomorrow with Joey Starr," adds the director of information and programs.

It does not say when these new episodes will be broadcast.

Manu Katché would now like to invite Laurent Voulzy, Souleymane Cissokho, in particular.

Diversity and living together

This "societal issue", as Alexandre Delpérier defines it, has set itself a strong objective.

"I see a society that is fracturing, it is thanks to this program and thanks to Manu that we are going to move things forward in the right direction".

For Manu Katché, this question of diversity is closely linked to that of living together.

"All these artists are French, with a culture from the start, via their dad or their mom, a little different. We have to manage it within our society, and not blame them, as it is sometimes the case. "

The Face Katché 

can be seen on the Yahoo News site.