A Turkish young man takes a "selfie" with his pregnant wife, then pushes her from a mountain

A Turkish husband stood to take a romantic photo with his pregnant wife on a mountain peak before suddenly pushing her to cause her death, seeking to obtain money for her own life insurance.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that Hakan Aysal (40 years) was arrested on charges of killing his wife Samra Aysal (32 years) and their unborn child while on vacation in the Valley of Butterflies in the city of Mugla, Turkey.

The court charged the husband with premeditated murder.

She said, "Hakan planned to kill his wife to obtain personal accident insurance for his wife, which amounts to 400 thousand Turkish liras, as the husband is the only beneficiary from it."

The prosecution believes that the only reason behind sitting Hakan and his wife on the top of the cliff for 3 hours is to make sure that there is no one else around.

Prosecutors say: Once the husband was certain that he and his wife were alone, he pushed her off the cliff in order to kill her.

The indictment indicated that Hakan demanded to receive the insurance money shortly after the accident, but the insurance company rejected his request when it discovered that an investigation was underway into the accident.