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"Your let-feed, please!"

“Since the end of January, people feeding cats in the wild in Nice must obtain an authorization from the municipality, materialized by a badge intended to help them and to try to solve the problem of these stray animals.

The initiative was launched by Henry-Jean Servat, the municipal councilor in charge of animal protection, "so that this activity can be carried out without problem".

Just after his election, in 2020, the Parisian writer discovered a large volume of mail addressed to the town hall by the cat feeders, "often somewhat elderly women subjected to criticism from trustees under the pretext of odor nuisance."

"That cats do not proliferate"

“I too would like there to be no more peeing, no more smells.

And one of the ways to do that is that cats don't proliferate, ”he says.

Last year, around 450 cats in a state of straying were sterilized in the town.

To obtain this free annual card, the “charter for voluntary feeders of free cats on the territory of Nice” requires membership of an animal protection association.

The holders undertake to "report any unsterilized cat", to remove and clean after use the containers containing the food, to put in to drink and not to leave food in the open air which could attract rats and gulls. .

"The card does not give any advantage, except the consideration of the city for the cats and those who feed them", concludes Henry-Jean Servat.


“I want the city to be exemplary for animals,” says Henry-Jean Servat

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