SBS' new Friday and Saturday drama'Penthouse 2'released the 2nd teaser video, and a new clue appeared in the video followed by interesting speculation from fans waiting for Season 2.

'Penthouse 2', ahead of its first broadcast on the 19th, released a new second teaser video yesterday (14th).

In the released video, Seo-jin Cheon (played by Kim So-yeon) and Dan-tae Ju (played by Um Gi-jun) married, and Yoon-hee Oh (played by Yu Jin), who was known to have died in Season 1, appeared again and dreamed of revenge, and the development continued beyond imagination.

In particular, what caught the attention of netizens who were waiting for season 2 was the re-appearance of'Butterfly Tattoo Woman'. It was a moment, but netizens were on the shoulder line of the woman and the shoulder of Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah), who died sadly in season 1. I came up with a guess by comparing them.

The shoulder line of Lee Ji-ah, who played Sim Su-ryun with the woman, was actually very similar, and netizens responded in various ways such as "The bones are Sim Su-ryun", "I'm really curious about how Sim Su-ryun will reappear", and "You're back again". And welcomed Shim Su-ryun's comeback.

Earlier in Season 1, the picture of'Butterfly Tattoo Woman', the ex-wife of Joo Dan-tae and the twin's birth mother, appeared in a photo. Unlike the words of Dan-Tae Ju, who died immediately after giving birth, the twin's birth mother in the photo was shocked by holding a young daughter. Accordingly, some netizens have speculated, "Isn't the woman with a heart water lily and butterfly tattoo a person with twin appearances?"

'Penthouse' Season 2, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 19th, will visit viewers on Friday-Saturday, not Monday-Tuesday, unlike Season 1. The production crew of'Penthouse' said, "What kind of change the first war ended with the victory of evil will bring about what kind of change for each character will be the point of watching'Penthouse 2'." Please, "he said.

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