Unpublished manuscripts by Marcel Proust will appear in March by Gallimard.


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Something new from Marcel Proust's.

A new novel, writings that show the foundations of his masterpiece 

In Search of Lost Time

, should be published in March, Gallimard editions announced on Friday.

"The 75 leaves and other unpublished manuscripts" is scheduled in bookstores on March 18.

In 2019, the Fallois editions published

Le Mystérieux Correspondant and other unpublished short stories

, texts discarded by the novelist when he published his first book in 1895,

Les Plaisirs et les Jours


The oldest version of "In Search of Lost Time"

The new unpublished comes from the same collection of Proust manuscripts that belonged to the publisher Bernard de Fallois.

It was to the National Library of France that he bequeathed them upon his death in 2018. “Proustian grail, the very large“ 75 sheets ”had become legendary.

The only trace that existed was the allusion Bernard de Fallois made to it in 1954 in the preface to

Contre Sainte-Beuve,

 ”explains Gallimard.

These are writings from 1908, a time when Proust acquires some certainty about the form of the great romantic cycle that he began to write the previous year.

“They're not just delivering the older version

of A Search for the Lost Time


By the reading keys that the writer has forgotten there, they give access to the primitive Proustian crypt ”, according to the editor.

Proust's 150th birthday

Jean-Yves Tadié, biographer of Proust, will sign the preface to this edition established by the academic Nathalie Mauriac, great-granddaughter of Robert Proust, brother of the novelist.

Bernard de Fallois played a crucial role in the knowledge of Proust by revealing the existence of a first novel abandoned in the 1890s (

Jean Santeuil

, published in 1952) and of critical notes on the art of the novel grouped in 1954 under the title of

Against Sainte-Beuve


The year 2021 marks Proust's 150th birthday.

And the National Library of France is planning a “great Proust exhibition” in the fall of 2022 for the centenary of his death.


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