China News Service, Hong Kong, February 12 (Reporter Shi Bingyun) 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong. However, due to the epidemic, it was the first time to eliminate the evening "top incense" activity.

On the first day of the new year, many citizens came here to worship and pray for good luck in the new year. The citizens said that the blessing process was smooth and they felt crowded.

  The sun was shining in Hong Kong on New Year's Day, and the rainy weather in the first two days was swept away.

A reporter from China News Service saw at the Wong Tai Sin Temple site that the flow of people gradually increased in the afternoon, and people who went to pray for worship lined up to Wong Tai Sin Square. The flow of people in the pre-arranged queuing area was surging, and citizens were asked to measure when entering the team. Body temperature, and must scan the "Travel with peace of mind" QR code or register personal data to obtain permission to enter the park.

At about 3 in the afternoon, the speed of the crowds in about 15 rows of iron horses gradually slowed down, but the flow of people was not interrupted.

However, compared with the tens of thousands of visitors in previous years, the number of visitors has decreased significantly this year.

  In order to prevent crowds from gathering, only the Shangxiang area of ​​the main hall is open during the Lunar New Year in Wong Tai Sin.

The route of the citizens who came to pray was also one-way, queuing, receiving incense, worshiping the gods, offering incense, and asking for lots.

Other temples such as Sanshengtang, Yuxiang Pavilion, and the newly built Caishen Palace cannot enter Shangxiang.

However, the open space in front of these temples has been converted into a visa-seeking area to give people seeking visas more space.

  Hong Kong citizen Mr. Leung's family of five came to Wong Tai Sin to pray for the New Year. He was holding the incense and tribute he bought, and his son was holding a colorful windmill.

Mr. Liang said that he had already followed the live broadcast at 0:00 last night and chose to come in person today. “The main reason is to have a good luck. I hope that the people around you are healthy and the family is in peace and safety.” He felt that Huang Daxian would not That's too much. Everyone has incense very fast.

Mr. Leung expressed his hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible so that Hong Kong's economy can recover quickly.

  The reporter observed at the scene that in order to make the flow of citizens in the venue more smooth, Wong Taixian changed the original only one row of incense burners in front of the main hall into six rows, so that the citizens who received the incense would quickly worship the gods and put them on the incense so that the crowd would not gather.

The park stated that the staff helped the faithful to light the incense this time, and also prevented everyone from being surrounded when the incense was being lit.

  Citizen Ms. Zhang is the year of her birth. She said that she wanted to visit the Tai Sui Hall, but she only found out that the Tai Sui Hall was only open on the second day of the year. She could only offer incense in front of the main hall.

"I also want to ask for a sign to ask about the new year's career and peach blossom luck." She smiled.

She was surprised by the smooth experience today. "Although it does not come every year, I understand that every year on New Year’s Day is when the number of people is the largest, there are tens of thousands of people, but today I did not feel particularly crowded. carry out."

  There are screens at the entrance of Wong Tai Sin Temple to monitor the degree of congestion.

According to the staff present, this real-time monitoring system is updated every hour.

At around 10 o'clock in the morning that day, green indicates unblocked, and gradually turns to slightly crowded yellow in the afternoon.

In addition to being visible at the scene, Wong Tai Sin’s webpage and social media pages are updated simultaneously for public reference.

  It is the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Wong Tai Sin Park. The exit passage of the venue displays a series of flower plaques with blessings and billboards for the 100th anniversary celebration. The citizens who have paid their respects also wrote New Year wishes and names on the red blessing plaques. Auspicious words such as "Happy New Year of the Ox", "Wish things come true", "Healthy", "Happy happiness" and other auspicious words carry the expectations and best wishes of Hong Kong people for the Year of the Ox.