Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivant for a program about everyday cooking: whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they have in common this passion for eating well and share it for 1h30 with listeners from Europe 1. Gourmet walks through the markets and among producers, simple recipes and advice close to the concerns of listeners ... the unmissable event for gourmets!

The tastes of the week

- Laurent Mariotte: Red mullets in the oven 190 degrees

- Olivier Poels: Pouliche's duck pie, Amandine Chaignot's restaurant in Paris

- Yves Camdeborde: the Chantecler from Toulon: Meringue cake, crispy praline and coffee ice cream


- On the Marché des Halles de Tours market.

How to spot local producers on the market?

- In our regions Cheesecakes, with Christine Ferber

News fact

- The underground restaurants

Our file of the week

- Fat, that's life

Where to buy Madame butter?

Chez Epices Roellinger, 51 bis rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris

The Poilâne Shop, 8 rue du Recherches-Midi, 75006 Paris.

Our guest


Sophie Davant

, for her Magazine S

His Taste of the week

: the robuchon pie

His secret address

: little George 37 Rue Washington, in Paris

The selection of bon vivant

- Yves Camdeborde: Valentine's Day in the kitchen

- Olivier Poels: how to pair wine with blood orange, raclette and cabbage?

The dish of the day

Signed Romain Meder, chef at Plaza Athénée in Paris, with the Naturaliste formula: lentils cooked with sweet spices and Camargue rice


  • On the market 

Market Halles de Tours.

How to spot local producers on the market? 

  • In our regions

Cheesecakes, with Christine Ferber