JOMO: The joy of missing out

social media called Club House.

I also tried it on my iPad out of curiosity, and fortunately, an acquaintance invited me (invite) so I could enter right away.

When I went in and looked around, the list of acquaintances was also up, so I built an image of an early adopter and invited the two to do their own favor, but the message failed.

It doesn't look like an Android phone.

I installed the app like a cat who found an unfamiliar insect and touched it with my feet, snooped around and looked at it, and once I went into a room opened by a service provider with a face and turned it on like a radio, there wasn't much to it.

The feeling that everyone is experiencing to say "I tried the clubhouse".

'Klha' doesn't seem like a big deal, but I thought it was a great idea, and I still think there's something, but it wasn't a space that gave great insights in a short experience anyway.

Then, on Facebook, I found an article that an acquaintance shared with him saying it was the same as he felt... It was a sketch of the world landscape surrounding the clubhouse these days.

'Azoshi'-as if referring to the uncle-was rushed to the clubhouse and posted on social media such as capturing authentication, long text reviews and analysis, "K-Jos are almost all bad, but in the meantime, I thought that being diligent was the worst thing."

Also, recalling the situation where many uncles were'intruding' on Instagram and TikTok, he concluded, saying, "It was a scary thing to be the habit of the days when the morning bell rings."

I understand too.

The desolation of the moment when a fresh and quiet space turns into a noisy marketplace.

I know what it means to say that the moment the uncles come in to Facebook, the moment that the Facebook "suck" and the moment they come to Instagram, 1020 will leave Instagram.

I hate to appear as a group in a place where young people are playing well and ignore the existing operating style and tone and manners of the place and use it at their own convenience to make the existing users frown, but this is the struggle to get on the service that has just landed in Korea. I am sorry for what to do if I am sarcastic.

No. So, should I only use GenZ for new social media like Club House?

If you're insensitive to trends, you're saying'Kondae', who doesn't even know what's trending.

Uncles' behavior must be very difficult.

Maybe it's because uncles are trying to follow trends and show off that'I live this younger' (I hate it) and try to communicate with the younger generation.

However, if you are not sure, first of all, it would be better to check the atmosphere while watching.

It's not just loud noise in public places.

Along with the clubhouse, the word'FOMO' (fear of missing out) is also popular.

It is said that there is a fear of falling behind only me in the background of'Klha'.

The fear of being marginalized and being left behind is from adolescence to school physical education classes, which had to go in an infinite first-come-first-served basis. It is a spiritual trace and trauma of a generation that was somewhat unfortunate when "beginning" the national gymnastics while remembering that he was born.

I too recently re-installed the Naver band app that I had deleted because of a meeting, but I am very dying from someone posting today's quote from the morning.

Whether you just know it by yourself or put it up in the drowsy afternoon to wake you up, what if you post it because you wake up early and it's not even 7 am?

There are also people who like poetry and others who don't like it.

There are important notices, so I can't turn off the alarm... (Of course I like poetry, but I don't like being forced to see it with cell phone alarms every day.)

I decided to do the joy of missing out (JOMO


instead of Pomo.

I don't want to do something like a first-come, first-served basis because I'm just swept away by fashion.

And I don't want to be ridiculed just for being interested.

The clubhouse will be snooping for the time being, but it won't go away.

Instead of the fear of alienation, I want to enjoy the joy of being forgotten and the joy of disengaging.

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