Today I would like to start in Indo-European.

Do you know the saying "Nomen est omen"?

Even if the thought is obvious: No, this is not a tattoo of a GNTM candidate.

This is what the Latin says if, for example, Boris Becker had not become a tennis professional and bankrupt, but a confectioner.

Or Helene Fischer angler.

Although, at least that's howling buoy.

No matter, the GNTM variant of "Nomen est omen" is called: Lily.

Last season, finalist Lijana impressively earned the golden blasphemy ticket.

This year namesake Liliana could follow in her sympathy footsteps.

But that's still a snapshot.

I not only note this to avoid scolding tirades from Liliana's friends in my mailbox, who wished me “all the bad in the world” last year, whether my care in documenting Lijana's statements, but also because Liliana makes a solid impression at first.

So maybe she's just having a bad day.

Because it can also be very entertaining.

Her first sentence in week two, which starts with the move into the Berlin model loft, is, for example: "There is a picture of Heidi in the kitchen that I will always talk to".

That’s refreshing at first.

Imagine how Liliana wishes a "good morning" to the portrait of her drama tamer after getting up.

Or tell her about her exciting day before bed.


At least if she remembers.

To do this, however, she would have to use a different tactic than fellow candidate Dasha.

Their secret recipe for the title is: "From the moment I step on the catwalk, I switch off my brain completely".

Intellectually, that makes her a favorite.

There have been seasons in which it quickly became clear: the brain shutdown is going well beyond the catwalks.

But even in this season, people like to come out as having limited ability to think.

Not due to a lack of skills, of course, but solely due to the overwhelming presence of model mom Klum.

Ana, for example, who, by the way, is surprisingly not Klaudia's twin sister with K, admits: “I can't think when Heidi is around”.

That's funny, because Heidi Klum feels the same way.

In order to meet the demands of this season for more diversity and fewer clichés, there is a training catwalk in the model loft.

And now guess what color it is?

Exactly: pink.

In support of the thesis that interior decorators are even more unsuitable for their job than Michael Wendler for ... uh ... something, there are countless neon-colored clothes hangers on the wall.

You couldn't have dreamed that you would wish for Tine Wittler at GNTM.

Wherever this in-house catwalk is already there, Klum lets the applicants try it out.

Above all, of course, to accommodate your professional expert opinions.

In Romys Walk, for example, she states: “There's something snotty about that”.

Hopefully no corona.

With Yasmin something anatomical bothers her: "Let the right arm run along".

You often hear that from the industry: A career as a supermodel is impossible if the right arm cannot walk.

It should only be worse if the left eye doesn't listen.


Maria, on the other hand, impresses with her radiance: "You shine when you laugh".


Do you shine when you laugh?

Does Klum write lyrics for Gunslinger now, or what?

In order to make the tastelessness complete, another highlight of the clumsy motivational vocabulary follows: "Make your legs longer".

That is what Theresia Fischer tried last.

She then walked on crutches for months and was turned into Dolly Buster as a punishment during the makeover.

At least the first record of the season falls early this year.

ProSieben shows advertising for the first time after just 18 minutes.

If you subtract the 5 minute intro, there were 13 net minutes before the first interruption.

Bruce Darnell couldn't even have done Competition at that time.

Walking is difficult in the clothes of the designer Marina Hoermanseder

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

After Heidi Klum categorized her as “totally conceited” on the walk, Ana spends the rest of the evening in training mode.

But how do you manage to appear less arrogant?

Colleague Sarah wants to help: "You can smile sometimes, but not with your teeth".

Finally the breakthrough.

Don't miss the Sarah tutorial next week: “You can run, but not with your nose”.

Ana still struggles with her performance: "I'm so happy and cheerful and then it doesn't come into my face." I know the problem.

Sometimes I get so annoyed with someone, but then it doesn't get into my middle finger.

Fortunately, it is easy to sleep afterwards.

Because the next day is the first big shoot in overtly revealing clothes.

Mareike doesn't mind, she knows the show's motto: “The less material, the better”.

And by that she really means the clothes and not mind-expanding substances.


Overall, things could hardly be better for the makers of Germany's most controversial talent show for Günther Klum's influencer agency: already in week two a lot of bare skin and drama, drama, drama.

When Soulin notes in view of the upcoming group shootings that it is “important that we convey harmony”, Larissa suddenly drives her into the parade: “You say that?” Yes, Soulin of all people.

But what's wrong with that?

That remains unclear at first.

The motto of the decisive walk in front of the jury: "Nightmare" - nightmare

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

Pandora's arguing box is definitely open.

First of all, Linda takes the side of Team Larissa: “Soulin always tries to know everything better”.

First tears before anyone even took a photo.

Despair on the set, cheers for it in the ProSieben executive suite.

The harmony officer Liliana then gets her first damper not from Soulin, but from Klum: "Liliana is better on the catwalk than on the shoot, that's not her strength."


Rankin, the GNTM photographer veteran with Bud Spencer aura, is also not very enthusiastic: “It makes me cry.

She has the look but not the moves ”.




Well, someone has to do it while everyone is still waiting for Thomas Hayo.

Finally, Klum reveals in which clothes the girls will have to complete the final walk the next day and who made their lacquer and leather SM club pants: "By the designer Marina Hermanseder".

I hope she means Marina Hoermanseder, because otherwise we might expect creations by Karl Lugerfeld, Giorgio Dramani, Coco Flanell or Jean Paul Faultier in the coming seasons.

When the two brawlers Larissa and Soulin review their showdown in the fitting area in the model loft in the evening, it quickly becomes apparent that Larissa has seen too many Mafia films.

She announces tough in the godfather mode: "If I see later on the show that you said you were bad because of me, then I'll break your legs".

However, the threat has no consequences.


We remember: in 2019 Joy was already disqualified for a tiny band of respect.

The next day, in addition to her clothes, Marina Hoermanseder is also personally in the new GNTM studio and puts a stop to the models' special requests: "If a girl says she doesn't like an outfit, that's an exclusion criterion."

The statement is not by chance, because something is rumbling in the GNTM squad.

Some exhibits from the collection are very rigid and very heavy.

Sometimes they hardly leave any space for elegant movements.

Looking good in it and walking perfectly is difficult for models, especially newcomers.

Not every girl wears such sophisticated pieces with the grace of a Nico Potur or an Irma Sophie Spies.

After 8 seasons in Berlin Fashion Week, during which I was able to attend Marina Hoermanseder's défilés, I would definitely call both of them two of the designer's favorite models.

As mine too, of course.

Despite the complexity of some of the designs, Hoermanseder is lucky: Liliana loves her outfit.

Marina Hoermanseder's legs won't be broken today.

Today, she not only provides her clothes, but also her expertise and forms the guest juror duo with Rankin.

Together with chief juror Klum, the three of them make a (attention!) Rankin girl.

Corresponding pressure is on the candidates.

Romy is even “afraid that I can't show enough confidence”.

Yes, you can get an episode without Thomas Hayo, but you don't get Thomas Hayo from the episode.

The jury: photographer Rankin, Heidi Klum and fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder (from left)

Source: ProSieben / Richard Hübner

The rest of the evening is followed by the verbose commenting Klum, Hoermanseder and Rankin during their episode “Die Drei ???

and the “super chatterbox” when judging with pleasure.

Rankin finds Liliana "disappointing", but with Jasmine he is enthusiastic: "Her face is a 10 out of 10".

In addition to extensive training, Ana also has "God by my side" again.

But above all Heidi and Rankin, who see an “absolute increase”.

At Soulin, on the other hand, Klum obviously struggles with her lack of drug use: "She would have needed more speed".

Considering that alcohol was even banned at GNTM until last year, a surprising development.

Hoermanseder is also unimpressed by Soulin's catwalk skills: “Coffee party, that's what they say in Vienna”.

Interesting what is on the menu at coffee parties in Vienna.

Although Falco already knew: "Mother, the man with the coke is here".


After her soaring in the opening sequence, Soulin is one of the losers this week.

Moderate walk, and then after such a short time she has already lost it with Liliana and Romina.

When the jury criticized Romina's finger position, she couldn't help but laugh and say “I also noticed it”.

Approval of criticism against rivals, that is not so well received in the GNTM Class of 2021.

Even Alex, who otherwise always tries to take a positive view of a situation, forbids: "I'm just saying, you won't do that for me." This little stab in the back will not dissuade Romina from her path.

If nothing unusual happens and they sink baby seals in the Spree or open a Telegram group with Attila Hildmann and Xavier Naidoo, she will make her way to the final.

Their commercial marketing potential is simply too great for that.

Sarah has completely different problems.

She tells the jury the reason for her slightly unstable walk straight from the “Too Much Information” category: “I have sweaty flat feet”.

Flatfoot in Berlin still makes it to the next round.

The only one who has to leave the loft is Maria.

Above all, Rankin leaves her with no good hair: “She is not a model.

She doesn't understand what fashion is.

She doesn't understand what she's doing here ”.

Perhaps not the happiest formulation for a deaf person, but by then the ProSieben bullying officer had apparently already finished work.

It remains to be seen how well the project “GNTM is now particularly diverse” will be kicked out the only candidate with a disability right at the start.

In the end, drama is more important than diversity for a TV format.

Whoever has to follow Maria in the coming week, I'll watch for her!

Source: Getty Images

Marie von den Benken is on Twitter and Instagram as @Regendelfin, she is from Hamburg, model and author.

She also writes every week on ICONIST about the big and small dramas at "Germany's Next Topmodel".

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