Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 12th in various parts of Asia.

At a temple in Saitama Prefecture, Vietnamese technical intern trainees who could not return to Japan due to the influence of the new coronavirus exchanged New Year's greetings and contacted their families in their home countries.

"Daionji" in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, accepts Vietnamese technical intern trainees who lost their jobs due to the influence of the new corona, and more than 30 people are living there.

Since January 1st and 12th of the lunar calendar is the Chinese New Year called "Tet" in Vietnam, an event is held at the temple to pray for the peace of the New Year, and the trainees visit the local Vietnamese residents to worship. We greeted them and handed them festive items and served a noodle dish called "Bun".

Even after the training period had passed, some of the trainees could not return to Japan due to strict immigration restrictions on the Vietnamese side, and they exchanged New Year's greetings with their families in their home countries via video calls on their smartphones.

Hua Tuan Hoa (37), who hasn't seen her family since she came to Japan four years ago, also asked her parents in their 60s, "How are you doing?" And was concerned about their physical condition.

Mr. Hoa said, "I'm fine, so don't worry. I'm lonely not to meet you in person, but I'm happy to say hello."

Mr. Tick Tam Chi, a Vietnamese priest, said, "Because there is no work and it is difficult to return to Japan, I prayed for everyone's health and the quick return to Japan. It is difficult for both Japanese and foreigners to support each other. I think it's important. "

It is also not stand the prospect wait for the order of returning home at the embassy charter flights

Hua Tuan Hoa used to be an English teacher in Vietnam, but four years ago, she came to Japan as a technical intern trainee and worked at a construction company to support her family's life.

However, he left the training site because he could not withstand the harsh environment such as being violent by Japanese people in the workplace, and after that he changed jobs due to the influence of the new coronavirus and moved to the temple from December last year.

Currently, but are waiting for the order to return home by charter flights embassies, there is also a severe immigration restrictions of Vietnam, number of flights is that do not stand the prospect of a limited return home.

Daionji Temple, where Hoa and his friends are living, is operated by receiving donations from locals and Vietnamese in various places, and Hoa cleans the precincts and guides worshipers until the day when he can return to Japan. I want to help as much as possible.