In Saitama Prefecture, a new group of infected people has been confirmed at special nursing homes for the elderly and medical institutions, and the local government in charge is investigating the infection route, assuming that a group of infected people = clusters have occurred.

According to Kawaguchi City, the cluster occurred at Warakuen, a special nursing home for the elderly, and a total of 12 people, including residents, staff, and outpatients, were confirmed to be infected.

The city is investigating the infection route, etc., assuming that a cluster has occurred.

In addition, according to Koshigaya City, a cluster occurred at a medical institution in the city, and 28 people including inpatients and staff were confirmed to be infected.

In addition, clusters have also occurred at nursing homes for the elderly in the city, and infections have been confirmed for a total of 7 residents and staff, so we are investigating the infection route in detail for each of them.

It was announced on the 11th that it was confirmed that 172 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Saitama prefecture.

The breakdown is 115 for Saitama Prefecture, 24 for Saitama City, 18 for Kawaguchi City, 8 for Kawagoe City, and 7 for Koshigaya City.

As a result, a total of 27,343 people have been announced as infected in the prefecture.

In addition, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City, Kawagoe City, and Koshigaya City announced that a total of nine people were killed after being infected with the new coronavirus.

According to Kawagoe City, men in their 70s were residents of Mizuho no Sato, a health care facility for the elderly with outbreaks, and only two died at this facility.

Infection was confirmed in the prefecture, and the number of people who died was 452.